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I always try and remember to garnish each meal.  It elevates an otherwise dull and uninspired dish into something with eye appeal.

lemonFor my breakfast I added thinly sliced green onions, sesame seeds and a drizzle of sesame oil.

When I cook for guests, I always try and garnish the dish with an ingredient that is in it. For instance, when making fresh made humus, I save out three chickpeas.  That way, I have chickpeas to garnish along with a few sesame seeds.

Dinner last night was a delightful quinoa salad topped with black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocados and the garnish, a crispy triangle tortilla chip.

The word garnish evokes all sorts of delightful images.  I recently topped my Oh la la Lemon Tarts with raspberries and a sliver of lemon peel.  The intense red against the soft yellow was the perfect garnish.

That brings us to this Birthday Girl.  DSCN4468DSCN4799Today, Sweet Liberty Wilson turns 10 years old.  Her breakfast was a delicious blend of meat, chicken, pork, vegetables and homemade broth.  The garnish you ask?

Well, every birthday girl deserves a big, fat, strong-smelling, lush Sardine.  I plopped it right in the middle of her dish.  I let her see and smell it before I placed it gently before her.  She has impeccable manners, so she waited while I told her it was made with love and for her to ENJOY.

Happy Birthday, Libby.  You make our world so much nicer.  You make me a better person.  Having you in our family keeps me balanced and sane.  We are lucky to have you in our family.

Dinner tonight?  Someone gets a perfectly grilled steak.  The garnish?  A perfectly cooked piece of bacon of course.

Happy 10th  Birthday Libby!20140730_192918


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