whip it, whip it good

coffee with creamI have a weakness.  I freely admit to it.   I adore one really great cup of… Java. Joe. Mud.

To be perfectly honest, I am in love with cappuccino so much, I want to marry it.   I love the velvet on your tongue.  I adore the liquid dark, rich, robust, full and intense flavor.  I love to swirl in cream.

Oh, don’t you just adore the perfect thick china cup?  The perfect lip.  The perfect weight.  For some reason, I have tried numerous colors and types of mugs and cups and china.  I always feel most satisfied with a thick, white, china cup.  The perfect size to wrap your hands around.  The ideal size to walk around the house with.  So white that your lipstick shows up on the side of the cup.  A perfect imprint of your lips.  (yes, I know it is bad manners.  I only do that when I am at home and it makes me smile.)

I am fully aware that I have several friends who are not coffee drinkers, nor do they care for cream.  You folks can ignore this post.  Just go about your happy Friday.  We will touch base again soon. promise.  I have an amazing broccoli slaw recipe I want to share soon.  Stay tuned.
I just had to share my wonderful discovery/idea today.

Giving up dairy has been tricky.    So that presented a tiny problem-oh.  I switched to a store-bought, coconut cream concoction that most certainly had chemicals & evaporated cane juice.  sigh.   For the love of Pete, they discontinued it.  So while it was not ideal, it was working for me for the time being.  I stuck my head in the sand like a bird.  A crazy doh doh  bird.  I was hoping that somehow, a solution would plop in my lap.

I moped.  I sighed a lot.  I cringed.  I was grumpy.   This past week has not been pleasant ( in the coffee department).

This morning, it hit me like a cream pie to the face.  A lovely solution.

First, why don’t I think of these things sooner?

Second, duh.

There happened to be several cans of Dragonfly Coconut Cream in our pantry.  I use it for everything.  First, I smacked myself in the forehead.  Then I opened a can and poured it into a glass mason jar.  I poured some into my steaming cup of coffee and put the rest into the refrigerator.

Oh my stars.  I am so happy.  It is so rich, smooth, thick and  flavorful.  Not to mention, a pretty cheap date.  99 cents  per can at the Asian grocery store.

Then my mind got to swirling.  Coffee does that to me.

I got up, opened a can of coconut cream I keep in the refrigerator.  I whipped it.  Then, I whipped it some more.   Then I floated a big, fat spoonful on the top of my glorious morning drink.


Happy Friday y’all.  I feel like I am back in the land of the living.

Smiling and Grateful.

Here’s to a beautiful weekend ahead!

whip it

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