milestone #87

If you were to ask any of my fellow grocery shoppers this morning, “did you notice anything different about the girl in the orange crop pants”?  They would say no.  Nothing different.  Ordinary.  Boring.  Couldn’t say I noticed anything unique.

That’s right.

Earlier today, I was just an ordinary grocery shopper. I had on comfortable sandals.  I wore kicky orange crop pants with little mini white polka dots.  I chose to wear a crisply ironed white blouse.  Hair up in a silver barrette.  I had my coupons, my list, my purse.  Like everyone else, I began with an empty metal grocery cart.

I had a pep in my step as I went up and down each aisle.  Oh, sure I missed a couple of things and had to back track, but for the most part I sailed along.  Crossing off my list and setting aside coupons as I went.

grocery cartWith the exception of boxed anything or processed anything, my cart looked like everyone else’s.  I had a chicken and some beef for Sweet Liberty.  I had oodles of fresh  fruit and vegetables, dish soap, q-tips and a gallon jug of white vinegar.  Just ordinary groceries.  I bought a couple of protein packed nut bars for a teacher headed back to school.  My cart quickly filled up.

I decided to check out myself.  I scanned everything and put everything into my fabric bags.  I put my cash in and grabbed my change.  I chatted happily with the gentleman behind me.

I drove home.  I put everything away.  I weighed all the fruits and vegetables for Mr. Right’s list.  groceries 1

Remarkable you ask?  Why yes, thanks for asking.

Today marked the first time in 1. 5 years that I went BIG grocery shopping, all BY MYSELF.  From driving to banking to shopping to putting away.

Yes indeed.  Just like a four-year old, choosing her own clothes and dressing herself and tying her shoes.  I feel giddy that I did it, ALL BY MYSELF.  No helpful Mr. Right.  Just me.

I am a bit tired.  I am a bit frazzled.  But, oh man, I DID IT.

Being sick is no fun.  Who knew that I would celebrate grocery shopping ?

Marking milestones on the road to wellness ROCKS!!!

Shop on fellow grocery shoppers, SHOP ON!


ps.  I may have to bat my eyelashes, and gently suggest we go out to dinner, but by golly, I did it myself!





12 thoughts on “milestone #87

  1. Big illness takes a long recovery time, so congrats on feeling up to the challenge. I could’ve used help with groceries today. The store is in the midst of renovations. Right now they are moving aisles… Actually MOVING the aisles, not just the stuff on the shelves. Where oh where did the cereal, coffee, and vinegar go??? Oh, my cereal? Yes, it’s in a grocery cart over there by the wall… The coffee? Is it beans or ground? I have no idea. We’ll find out when we open it.


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