send coconuts, cure rudeness

Monday morning is probably not the best day of the week to go to the post office.   Hindsight is 20/20.

I lost 41 minutes of my life, standing in line.  I did keep my good manners intact.  I did make polite conversation with the man in front of me and the three teens behind me.  I didn’t yell, scream, swear or stomp my feet.  By minute 38, I did almost dissolve into a mess of tears.  Good news, I held it together.    It only took about 2 hours and 4 miles on the bike to have me laughing about it.

In a ridiculous attempt to “be nice” I wanted to share TWO quilting magazines that I had read.  I wanted to mail them from Washington to Florida.  Heck, the magazines cost $6.00 each, I thought it would be better to share than recycle.

Long, boring, frustrating story later………….I paid $9.64 to mail said TWO magazines.  Fingers crossed they actually make it to Gainesville.  I sort of actually hope, the workers open the envelope, read the magazines, gather a few good quilting tips and then pass them on to their final destination.  Thus bringing the cost of the magazines and postage down a bit more.

Part of my frustration was the postal worker attempt to use a calculator.  Third time was a charm.  Here’s the thing, I was over the moon frustrated, then it all came clear this morning.  I was doing a little research about “our” yes, we the tax paying public, pay for the privilege to have a post office in this country.

To work in the postal service there is NO high school diploma/GED required if you are over 18.  Okay, that helps me understand some of the problem.

Yesterday, in an attempt to blow off some steam I wrote about this to a few family and friends.  Instead of calming me down, everyone used words to describe their post office experiences like:  SNARKY, LAME, NOT EDUCATED, FRUSTRATING, RUDE.

Really?  If I was rude, snarky or lame to my customers, I am guessing I would not have many customers to be snarky towards.

Average postal worker makes $72,000. per year with paid vacation, retirement plan and benefits.   Seems like the day you got hired, you probably went out to Olive Garden to celebrate with your family?  woohoo!  I got the job.  I am guessing you ironed your uniform shirt for that first day.  good times, good times.

The post master general Patrick Donahoe (while making 10 times less than his Fed Ex counter part) makes a base salary of $436,540. yearly.

The post office lost 2 BILLION dollars in the last 3 months.  Yes, I typed BILLION. Oh sure, they have made some “business deal” with to deliver packages in some areas on Sundays and yes, this should generate some dollars………….I am pretty sure it won’t balance out the books.

I own and run a business.  If one month, I had to explain to my co-owner (Mr. Right) we lost $5.00 this month, he would clear his throat and say, let’s talk.  If he received an email from one of our customers saying I was not polite and I was snarky, I think he would say, first you owe an apology to a customer and second, maybe this isn’t your niche?

coconut 1In an attempt to put out more good karma than bad, I want to give the post office more of my money.  Yes, indeed. (son number 2 had a brilliant idea and I want to capitalize on that fine idea)  I think if we all take a moment to mail a coconut, yes, coconut to a friend or family member, this would generate oodles of money and work for the postal workers……..thus helping them balance their OUR books.  coconut 3

So get out their people, buy a coconut for the cause, send a loved one some goodness!

Just think how happy we will make the postal workers?  This might be the answer to all those grumpy, grouchy, snarky, rude folks?  They will be swimming in coconuts and laughing and smiling and happy and grateful to have a job.   In turn, when going into a post office, to mail two flat magazines,  the employees will all be wearing island style shirts, smiling, laughing, helpful all while tropical music  played in the background. coconuts 2

Thanks for coming in folks and have a GREAT day!



4 thoughts on “send coconuts, cure rudeness

  1. I’ve had similar experiences at post offices in my area. There was one post office I learned to totally avoid because one of their workers actually slowed down when the line got longer. I couldn’t believe it.
    It’s no wonder they are in such financial trouble. They are bogged down by layers of old thinking and old ways of doing things. They need a complete change in management.
    As for the coconut idea, my post office guys would look at me twice. Then they’d probably tell me they didn’t have a package big enough for it! 🙂
    xo Joanne

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.
      I don’t feel so silly now. I thought it was just me and my poor attitude.
      Seems like the time has come to “change old thinking”. I like the way you phrased that.
      Somehow, you always bring a smile to my face.
      Thanks for making my world more fancy.

  2. LOL!!!! Love the coconuts!
    I’ve often said it must be a prerequisite to be grumpy to work for the driver license dept, and something must be said for the post office too. Govt jobs in general lend themselves to very little customer service. Time to privatize most of what the govt ‘tries’ to do themselves. If FedEx or UPS lost anything in one year there would be a major overhaul. Let alone BILLIONS.

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