lizard feet

lizzard feetHere we are at blog post number 797.

I wonder if it is getting boring?  I wonder if anyone reads what I write?  I wonder if I think out loud more, if I would lose or gain readers?

I wonder if green, latex Lizard feet would increase my numbers and comments?

Everyday around 12:30 pm, I have to eat my medicine.  It takes about 25 minutes to make and eat.  urgh.  My kids send me funny things to read or listen to.  I have certain blogs I check in on for a laugh.  Thank you   Sometimes, I save the mail to open, or listen to a funny you tube comedy skit.  ANYTHING to take my mind off of the business at hand.

I check in with  Yep, the bloggess.  She makes me giggle and I somehow eat my medicine and forget to “b” and whine about it.  today, she mentioned Lizard Feet.   You KNOW I had to check that out.

Amazon has some amazing stuff.  I order my pound of turmeric root from Amazon.  I order books and butterfly wings and boots.  Who knew you could order Lizard feet?  Well you can’t right now, because apparently they are sold out.  I can actually see that.   Really, who among us can’t think of a time when those babies (not real babies, folks) would come in handy?

I was thinking the TSA would have a fit.  The blue haired church ladies would be all a flutter.  I was sort of thinking they would be cool to wear while typing on my blog.  I wonder if I would be more fun more happy?  I wonder if I would be more creative?  I wonder if I wore them for a few hours if my feet would smell funny?

Then I had to wonder why would the Lizard feet only get 4.5 stars out of five?  I read the reviews.  Okay, so some 12-year-old kid says they are not true to size.  You need to order a bigger size.  Okay, good information.

Here’s to blog number 797. Thanks to those of you who have read all 797 of ’em.  Weird how time flies?

Here’s to latex Lizard feet.

……and a HUGE thank you to all of you who keep me laughing more than swearing.  A jaunty tip of the Easter bonnet to you.

ps.  I really want those Lizard feet.

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  1. Kathie

    You make me laugh OUT LOUD!!! Funny for you, creepy to me. I can see a lovely pair of lizard feet under your desk with a daring and sassy pedicure. Bring on the GLITTER!!

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