bathed in Grace

Now that I have returned from the baby shower, many gifts given, I can share what I have been working on.   The following is a letter I put with one of the gifts.



Dear G & M,

That moment in time, when I was sitting in that medical office and I heard the words, you are very sick; many things ran through my head.  One of the first was, if I am sick who will sew a gown for G & M’s future baby?

DSCN4807Fast forward a year and a half.  I am healthy enough to sew.  Four years ago, I created a Christening gown for D & G and I wanted to do the same for you.

As the gown progressed I took pictures along the way to share the experience.

This gown comes with absolutely NO strings attached.


This baby will be surrounded by more than enough love & joy and that he is already blessed beyond measure.  Dad & I already know this child will be bathed in Grace by his family.


Only good can happen with this gown.

It can most certainly be used for a Christening.  That choice is entirely up to you.

Or perhaps it can be used for pictures.  Maybe a picture taken of the happy family at Hartley Botanica Gardens or a picture at the beach near your home?  Maybe sand saved from that place to commemorate that moment.

Or this gown may be hidden away in a box as a keepsake, a family treasure.  Part of the fabric of his young life.

A friend from Florida, wrote to me and said:

 “This goes beyond the blessings on a baby. You are announcing to him and to the world who he is, where he came from, and making that a permanent part of his life. You’re bookmarking this child in history.”


I have embroidered the Tamplin and Wilson names.

I will add his name and date when he arrives.

DSCN5207 I have made a sash.  The sash is from the Wilson family formal tartan, ordered from Scotland. A portion of the same tartan was used for the sash for Z & A’s gown.

The Wilson family brooch you carried for your wedding, I used it to pin the sash together.   (at the shower, they received a brooch from the Tamplin family to add to the sash)

A button from the Canadian military (Dad’s family) was used on the secret pocket.

Inside the pocket I have put a brand new 2014 US penny.  While sewing one night, your Dad came in and said here, you can have this.  He smiled and walked out.  It was his lucky 1957 (his birth year) Canadian penny, he has carried for years.  So he is passing it on.  That too, is in the pocket. 20140819_152118

I have chosen to use three different rows of lace.  If more children come along in the future, I will of course add another row of lace and embroider their names and dates as well.

Since we know it is a boy, I have tried to stay with pleats, simple braid and less fussy lace and ribbons.  I chose a creamy off white instead of a stark white for the fabric.

I have embroidered one of the cranes that you used for your wedding symbol.

All the embroidery has been done in white thread onto the creamy white fabric.

I have hand sewn small crystal beads around the gown over one piece of the lace. DSCN5211

This is where the story will become fuller.

I have asked your mom for buttons from a wedding dress, a piece of lace from a gown.  Maybe a coin from your mom or dad’s families?   Some piece of your families history that could be incorporated into this keepsake.

Maybe a handkerchief to be sewn inside the bonnet or gown?

I am more than willing to replace the small white buttons with buttons from the Tamplin family.

I am more than willing to sew on additional lace of your choice.  It will require about 1 and ¼ yards of lace to go around the circumference of the gown.

It would be my pleasure and honor to add more of the Tamplin side of the family into this piece.


DSCN5209It has been my pleasure and honor to sew this for you.


I would love to intertwine our two families together through this garment.


Please add to this letter with more bits of goodness and history that you include from the Tamplin side.

Please know this keepsake was sewn with love and grace.

A simple gown & bonnet to bookmark this child in history.


Love,  Mom and Dad

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