what a crock!

You know that moment, when you hear and smell before you even open your eyes for the day?

I could hear the shower.  I could hear our sweet dog, next to our bed, snoring softly.

I could smell something amazing.  So good, I twisted around in the sheets and got all snug and cozy under the duvet.  My toes were scrunching and stretching.  Then I started to stretch like a cat after a long, satisfying nap.

The aroma was warm and sweet and with a touch of spicy cinnamon.   There was just enough of a chill in the air that I grabbed a sweater and put it on over my pajamas.  I followed the scent.  I padded out to the kitchen.  It sort of smelled like a Grandma’s kitchen……….WAIT, I am a grandma.  ha…………..  Yeah, this grandma’s kitchen smells like heaven on earth.

First, last night we toasted fresh coconut.  That was amazing and worthy of an entire blog post all by its self.  However, the toasty coconut”y” goodness aroma still lingered in the kitchen.

crock pot apple sauceSecond, I followed my nose over to the crock pot.  I guess a real lady, would call it a fancy slow cooker.  Let’s get real people.  I am standing here in my pajama’s with a sweater on, “joyful” hair & bare feet.  Nothin’ fancy to see here.  It’s a crock pot.

Okay, last night I peeled and rough chopped some apples.  A five or six Galas, a couple Grannies and three apples from the neighbor’s yard.  apple 1Not sure the kind, love the color and flavor so in they go.  I added 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1/2 cup filtered water, a huge teaspoon, heaping with cinnamon and a couple of shakes of Apple Pie spice (gotta love Penzey’s spices) & a dash of real salt .  Put the lid on and turned it on.  I walked away.  Oh sure, couple times last evening, I opened the lid to see what was going on, not much really.

I adore my apple sauce a bit chunky and rough.  However, if it is a texture thing with you or your kiddos, grab the immersion blender and puree til your heart’s content.

However, this morning………….oh la la…………… thick, dark, rich, heavy with scent and flavor was the most amazing, wonderful, old fashion, Apple Sauce you ever did see.  Somehow, throughout the night, the apples blended and melded and morphed into this substantial, worthy of a blue ribbon, sauce that you would be proud to serve to anyone.  Grands would love this stuff.  Mr. Right, smiled and made the yum sound.  apple sauce four

Me?  I filled my bowl with hot brown rice cereal, topped it with raisins and sunflower seeds.  Then I used a ladle to scoop on enough to cover every part of the cereal.  Then I liberally sprinkled with fresh toasted coconut.

In a very unlady like fashion, I reached for the spoon…………woah! Nellie……………said Grace and then took that first amazing bite.

I made up a new word.  If we all jump on board and use the word over and over……..somehow, it get’s put into the dictionary.  The word for today:  Yum-tastic.  Yes, that is now an official word.  Let’s all say it together………..not with our mouths full………..heavens no.  1.2.3 …… Yum-tastic. crock pot apple sauce 2

Tough to get the morning going?  Hard to get your Mr. Right out of bed or the kiddies moving for school? Let’s be honest, hard some mornings to get yourself moving…………………

Here’s the way to make your marriage better, your kids love you more, the dog wag his tail more, put a bigger smile on your face…………………yes, really that good.

Fresh, warm, gourmet, lush, rich, thick home-made Apple Sauce is waiting for you!

Here’s to your very Good Morning indeed!


10 thoughts on “what a crock!

  1. 6ncounting

    Oh, you mean that the “crock pot” isn’t just for keeping large pots of soup warm? I love this idea. I even have one of those snazzy new “slow cookers” with multiple settings. It is time to get our shoes on and head out to the local market to pick up some more apples (the rest of our apples went into waldorf salad last night). Oh I can smell it now!! Thanks for reminding me that there is more to do with a “crock pot” than to keep things warm.

    1. Oh dear………….
      last year I made a dessert in the crock pot.
      last night, I made refried beans again.
      I have heated stones (wrapped in a towel) for a stone massage.
      I have made “chicken pot pie” in their.
      I sort of love using it. Even though I am home, it feels like i am cheating on making dinner.
      I have even baked potatoes in there on a hot day. Didn’t heat up the house with the oven.
      Stick with me sister friend, I got oodles of ideas. ha

  2. Sounds delicious! There are LOTS of apples at the farmer’s market and once my wedding is over this weekend, I may just make myself a batch of applesauce! Thank you my dear, for the inspiration!

    1. Okay, may I gently suggest in all your wedding prep, planning, work………..fill up that crock pot with some apples…….
      When you wake up the morning after to fresh, warm, lush, amazing spicy scented applesauce….
      You will be so glad you did.
      Here’s to you and a wonderful wedding this weekend.

      Love ya, girlie.

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