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The day has come.  Today is the day.  Sure, I am positive all of you have been on pins and needles, costumes await.  All kidding aside…………..only one day before “TLAP“.  Sure you have been plotting and planning all year-long.  The excitement is building at a frenzy pace.  I doubt with all the festivities, potlucks, gatherings that you will even have time to jump on my blog to read my good wishes……….so to all of you, here is an early tip of the hat to you.  Indeed, Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

scottish plaid 2Let’s get serious folks.  Okay, I am sure you have been following the international news in the last few weeks.  Every bit of information you have grabbed and not let go.  I will not repeat every little piece of information.  One word.  Scotland.  Oh my goodness, they are serious this time.  Taking a vote.  Will they stand alone for ever more?  Will they have their own currency, military, governing body?  I am guessing they will keep all the profits from the oil fields.  It is an interesting idea.  I wonder what will happen?  I know for sure, our oldest has been speaking with a very heavy Scottish accent all day long.  scottish plaid

Third time is a charm.  Here is the real reason, (besides feeding the dog & chickens and getting a cup of coffee), that I got out of bed this morning……………..

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.  Not the course, but the society.  A very old society and they are  the governing body for golf…

Today they vote.  This is serious, serious business.  They will take a historic vote to allow or not to allow women in their club.  I will share a picture of their club house.  Pretty nice digs. st andrews

My best guess is that sadly yes, women will be allowed.  Oh, I know you can’t believe I wrote that!  I did.  I am sticking to it.  I know it is the politically correct thing for them to do.  I know it is 2014 and men and women are equal…. blah, blah, blah  Just this once, I wish and pray for tradition to speak loud and clear.

I know this is not the politically correct thing to say, type or believe.  It’s my blog.  My opinion.

One time, years ago, while at a quilting meeting, everyone was deep into their projects and chatting, just not looking up.  Someone mentioned a gathering, bring food, invite folks, have a mini quilt show of our own……….. then someone said, “we could invite our husbands”…………………….. collectively, everyone stopped stitching, looked up and shouted, NO!  Now, wait.  We all adore our husbands.  We like hanging out with them.  They are good folk.  Here is the thing:  Once a week, for two hours, it was our time.  No, we didn’t waste our time, talking about husbands and what they do.  We talked about patterns and fabric and quilts and stitches and needles, shared quilt magazines and once in a while gossiped a little.

No, we didn’t wear “Little House on the Prairie” dresses (okay there was that one time, for a festival in the park).  We were a group of highly educated, very talented women.  Some of us had children, some worked full-time, some home schooled.  We were of all different faiths.  We had pets and volunteered and created such beautiful things it would take your breath away.  Some of us had enjoyed 80+ birthday candles on their cake and some of us had not celebrated our 30th year.  It was a huge melting pot of brains and talent.

We were all very aware of equal rights.  Yes, we know women suffered to allow us the gift of equal rights.  Yes, some of us had made “T” quilts to remember the suffrage.

However, for some reason, we felt safe there.  Safe enough to voice our opinions loud and clear.  We knew exactly what we wanted. We did not want to play with the boys.  We wanted our own clubhouse.

Sometimes, we want a separate space just for us girls.  You know, when you are gathered at someone’s home, the girls end up in the kitchen and the men folk end up on the patio?  No one said, those were the rules………it just sort of happens, naturally.  no politics, just nature.

I have no idea how the vote will turn out for Scotland.  This house is watching.  Quebec is watching.  The queen is watching and waiting.  The world is watching.

The world may not be that interested in the Royal and Ancient Golf Club………….but this sassy lassy is watching.  You know my fingers are crossed.

Today, may change the course of the world.  Something tells me I am going to need more than prayer & Grace to behave well today.

I better go put some lipstick on and get on with the day.

ps.  they just counted the votes, girl are now allowed at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.  

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  1. I was aware of the St Andrews vote but hadn’t checked on the result, so thanks for updating me. We are about to vote in our New Zealand elections; our heads are full of politics, at the moment.

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