food, glorious Southern food

You know that moment, when your kiddo brings home an amazing art project or A+ math paper?  You take a moment and look, really look at it, maybe pat them on the back and say, “Good Job”.  Then you get a magnet and move this or that off the refrigerator and put it up front and center.    For some reason, we have made the refrigerator “the” place to showcase the art piece, math or science paper of the day.

Then those very same kiddos grow up, go to college and live far away.  Okay, one good thing, they send you pieces of art that their kiddos did and as Grandparents your refrigerator door starts to fill up again.   You only have about a 10 year span where you have a fancy, magazine worthy looking refrigerator.

The other amazing good thing, is technology.  The dang kids move away, however, technology keeps us in touch daily.  Sometimes, more than once a day.

Today, I am pretending that this blog is my refrigerator door.FridgeDoor

I am using a very cool magnet to hold up my “kid’s” amazing paper.  I like the way he writes.  I like the way my mouth waters as he describes the food.  My kiddo or not, if he had a food blog, I would follow .  As a mom, I love that he is grateful.

Today’s blog was written by Dustin Wilson.  (your home school teacher put a gold star on your paper)

In the words of every single waitress across the land (as she places your food in front of you)……


To celebrate one year in Mobile, I wanted to share a few things about food!

Literally there is a fried version of almost everything in the South. However, I have never in my life had better access to more options when it comes to greens, veggies and local fruit. I think with only a few notable exceptions like mushrooms, I eat on average at least three times as many fruits and veggies as once did.

The seafood is incredible here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a cold water fish guy, but the sheer volume of tasty things from the sea that are locally available is beyond measure. The Mudbugs, shrimp, flounder and snapper are just incredible and I’ve added a few new favorites to the list. Redfish, Speckled Trout, Royal Red shrimp royal red shrimpand gulf oysters are all pretty awesome. Nothing, however compares to pulling your own Spanish Mackerel out of the ocean and grilling it with fresh garlic and lime juice.

I’ve been lucky enough, for a third time to move to an area just blossoming into a craft beer revolution and Alabama truly has some of the best craft beers I’ve ever had. For my friends around the US, if you see anything from Yellowhammer, Rocket Republic, Straight to Ale, or Blue Pants, grab and consume as soon as it is legal.

I love that I have access to many of my East Coast favorite grocery stores brands once again like Wise potato chips, Cabot cheese and many others, but love the vast number of locally owned favorites. Looking at you Golden Flake Sweet Heat potato crisps and Chocolate Moon Pies…

There are so many good restaurants and some not so good ones. I truly miss conveyor belt sushi. It has to be one of my favorite things of all time and the concept has yet to make it down south. But I have found a few really nice sushi joints. Oh yeah and the hot dogs…. Living near one of the food networks all time greatest hot dogs at the Dew Drop Inn has not been kind on my waistline but every bite has been worth it. While we are on the subject of junk food, I miss taco trucks. They simply don’t exist here. I liked paying .50 for a taco or .79 if I wanted lingua, which I often did. I miss gigantic tortas and sopes and have yet to find replacements for those either… the struggle is real.

Speaking of struggle, my wait will be short compared to some Mobillians who have waited years but within the next 12 months Whole Foods and Costco will open their doors here. It has been painful waiting at times.

I’ll also say this (and only once) I do not agree with many of the corporate policies or culture of Chick Fil A but DAMN they make a tasty chicken sandwich and an even better salad.

There you have it, a brief and quick glimpse at my foodie transformation here in Alabama. I’m surrounded by amazing things to try and to eat.spanish mackerel

I have such good fortune to be surrounded by a whole new world!

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  1. thanks for the repost! I love the food down here. I feel unlike anywhere else I’ve ever traveled or lived the food is essential to the soul of this place. You cant go anywhere without the smells overwhelming you, be it from a pecan wood fire smoking some of the local Conecuh Sausage, or the briny spicy aroma from a boiling pot full of shrimp or crawfish. It’s incredible how there are grits and greens and okra and colors and flavors and smells everywhere and EVERYONE has a better recipe than the last guy to cook them all!

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