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DSCN5324As I changed the sheets this morning, I was fluffing, puffing and arranging.  I had ironed the pillowcases and the flat sheet (yes, Virginia, some folks still iron things and are proud to say so).  I ran my hand over the monogram on the top cuff of the sheet.  The sheet, saturated with the color of butter yellow.  I could feel the lovely raised, sewn letters.   The thread is also of the same color.  The raised letters have a look of  stability and tradition.  They are stitched evenly and with care.  The stitch is called a padded satin stitch.  Yes, our sheets are monogrammed.  Aren’t yours?

Once the pillow cases were on the pillows (am I the only one who “bites” the pillow between my teeth while I somehow maneuver the case over the incredibly fluffy pillow?  I am sure if I worked in a hospital or a hotel, I would not use the same method.) I ran my hand over the stitching.  Yes, each pillow case has three letters centered on the hemmed edge.

You are willing to share your bed with someone and yet you are not willing to make the commitment of sewing three letters onto the fabric?

Let me see here, you are willing to stand out in the elements and watch your kid run up and down a soccer field for 2-5 hours a week?  You are willing to spend 4 hours of your weekend (each week in the summer) doing yard work, so the neighbors can enjoy your hard work? You and your better half are willing to spend a couple of hours each week, brushing, bathing and making food for your dog or cat? You think nothing of planning a dinner party that takes money, time 3-4 hours, energy & creativity? You thought nothing of spending oodles of money and several hours to pick out a wedding dress that you wore for a 25 minute ceremony.  You are more than willing to spend 2 or 3 hours a night watching mindless television…………..but you are not willing to sew 3 letters onto your bed sheets?

Yes, I know it is old-fashioned.  Heck, love is old-fashioned.  monogram 2

I used to stitch pillow cases for new young couples.  To be honest, the gifts were not huge hits.  It was “too old lady”, “too old-fashioned”, “not on our gift registry”.  I stopped giving them.  It really is no fun to put time, love and energy into a gift and well let’s just say, not that delightful to be made fun of.   I am totally good with keeping that lovely tradition alive and well in our home.

It is of value.  It is important.  It is permanent.  It is a little snippet of Grace & Goodness.

The other day, someone said to me on the telephone, “when I first started reading your blog, I thought your Mr. Right was your boyfriend”.  It wasn’t until several posts later did I realize he was your husband.

I like that she said that.  I want him to feel like my boyfriend & my husband.  We both work at and value what we have.

No, I don’t fold laundry in our bedroom.  No, we do not have a television or electronics of any kind in our bedroom.  No, we don’t store Christmas gifts and rolls of paper in the corner of the room.  We have chosen that one room as a place where there are no pictures of children or grandchildren.  We keep it clean and beautiful.  We value ourselves enough to make sure that one room is of utmost importance … sacred, of value and thriving.

I live my life in a grateful state.  I am very grateful for Mr. Right.  I value what we have.  Yes, I am grateful on a daily basis.  Our marriage is of the utmost importance in our family.  It is the rock that is stable, steadfast and when other things get fuzzy or shaky we can count on that one corner of the world to be strong.  Our children look to our relationship and find a certain calm security.  By valuing our bond, our family is stronger and better because of it.

..and if by some quirky coincidence, stitching three letters onto our sheets and pillow cases solidifies that relationship and gives it a touch more grace, value & strength …. then by all means join me in threading the needle.


Please share your goodness with me.  I would love to hear what lovely tricks you use to keep your sheet music in balanced harmony. monogram

2 thoughts on “sheet music

  1. I love your monogrammed pillow cases. I’m assuming you do them yourself, knowing how much you love to sew.
    Years ago, I used to dust my mattress with perfumed powder before I put the sheets on. I loved to do this and I really should go back to it.
    Jim and I don’t have a tv or gift wrap corner in our room either. There are a few night reading lights and a basket of my favorite books. That’s about it. I like it that way.
    But your pillow case idea is definitely worth some thought.
    xo Joanne

    1. Yes, I stitched the monogram on most of our linens…..however……….I have one set from Pottery Barn and one set I took to a local embroidery shop (they do High School letterman jackets etc) and they did the monogram for me. All are beautiful in their own way.
      We have a powdered honey that I have sprinkled on the sheets. Smells oh la la.

      I love that you value you and Jim enough to have a sanctuary all to yourselves.
      You are so worth it.
      Hugs from the left coast, D

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