we wait

DSCN5331Early, early this morning, Mr. Right woke me up and asked if I wanted to take a phone call.

Son and daughter in law had checked into the hospital.

Grand number 3 will be here today!!!!!

Normally, I am pretty calm and collected and can stitch away my troubles, worries, and nerves.

I had to re-do (read that as rip out and try again) the numbers for the date…………..

I must be giddy or nervous with pure happy!

I just need the weight to finish this project.

Oh, and I NEED to hold a new grand baby in my arms.

Oh Boy!  We are such a lucky & grateful  family today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps.  Something tells me, the new parents to be, are waaaaaaay too busy to read my blog today.  So I am guessing my secret gift will still be a surprise!

12 thoughts on “we wait

  1. Congratulations Grandma!! You will be holding that bundle of joy in your arms soon, very soon!! Sending you and your family (with that new little one) bunches and bunches of blessings.

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