Coconut love

Last month, the door bell rang out and I moved with a pep in my step, to say hello to Diane our mail carrier.  She is nice, funny, friendly, has a very quick wit & has her own Golden Retriever (at home)….gee, now that I think about it, wouldn’t it be funny to see her Golden boy hanging out her mail truck window, smiling and panting and bringing goodness to all the land………

I digress.

20140910_102935She handed over my mail.  She said, “this wouldn’t fit in your mail box”.  Then she laughed.

Miss Florida sends her best wishes for a funny, belly laugh filled day.

Yes, that is right.  Miss Florida took me up on my sarcastic humor and mailed me a coconut that she picked from her sister’s backyard.

Here is the thing, it cost $18.65 to mail said coconut from Florida to Washington state.  Seems like a pricey date.  Not really.  You can’t drive that distance for that much.  You can’t purchase a plane ticket for even close to that amount.  I don’t know if you could buy a joke book for that much?

Question:  why is the post office loosing money?  I still have no idea, she said giggling.

Here is what I do know:  I laughed.  Diane the mail lady laughed.  Mr. Right laughed.  My friend laughed when I told her about it.

You can’t buy belly laughs like that.  They just happen.  Laughing so long, I can’t remember why I thought it was silly in the first place.

That orb (sort of) of pure funny is sitting on our kitchen counter.  Every single time, I walk by, stop to do dishes, or stand there cutting up vegetables for dinner, at some point I giggle.  Then I laugh.  Then I belly laugh.  I set it on the floor for a few hours.  Our dog, thought it was interesting and cool.   If dogs could shake their heads at us, as if to say, you silly humans are so dog gone funny!

Some cousins show you they love you with nuggies or ruffle your hair.

Some friends show you they love you with a very sweet, flowery card.

Some neighbors show you they love you by leaving zucchini at your front door (thank you and please, enough already).

Some friends show you they love you by mailing you a coconut.

That is true love, pure & simple.

Mr. Right went to work opening the coconut.

Yum fresh coconut.  Yum-tastic fresh toasted coconut.

Coconut Love is the best kind of love.

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