20141015_161120 I adore this picture.  Mr. Right & the new grand, holding hands.

You get butterflies swirling around in your stomach each and every time someone asks about one of your grands.  Grandchildren are amazing little people.  They have the power of a mighty oak.  They can move people to drive thousands of miles through the redwood forest just to meet them.

Somehow grandchildren make you pause and mark the moment in time.  You find yourself collecting pine cones in a forest, so you can have a basket full once home, to help remember the celebration. You hike through the forest and breath in deep gulps of fresh air.  You prepare your heart and soul to meet a new person.

This is our third time around becoming grandparents.  We are old pros.  ha-ha  I gotta tell ya, each time is just as joy filled and exciting and warm and wonderful as the first. Each time, I sit down because I am a little shaky, I get to hold them for the first time and say, “hi, I am Grandma Daleen”.

We came home from vacation to a stack of mail.  Oodles and oodles of political ads; I would like to go on record that I have NEVER once voted for a person because of his or her card stock, over sized, glossy post card asking for my vote.  Secondly, I am not a happy camper that my tax dollars pay for those goofy political advertisements and the postage.  Just think of the trees that were used to make those. urgh.

Okay, back to the happy story.  Once home, all saved up from our time away….. magazines, catalogs, advertisements, packages and cards were all delivered in one big stack.  It was fun to slice open the cards and slowly and carefully read and drink in each one.

We received some heartfelt, charming grandparent cards.  Fun and happy.  Golly Wally, everyone loves to get a little celebration on them.  It is wonderful to share in the goodness.  20141023_184346

Then there was one box left to open.  Gee, I order oodles of things on-line.  I do not remember this address?  What could this be?  Interesting, my curiosity was buzzing. Cutting tape, moving the cardboard flap back, looking inside.  What is it?  20141019_112645

Holy Toledo!  A tree.  Yes.  Oregon White Oak .  The container, soil, moss and yes, a sprouted acorn.   A CELEBRATION of family.  A CELEBRATION of our family tree getting bigger and bigger.  20141020_135937

It is an honor to be celebrated in such a manner.  Our friends from California, sent an amazing, thoughtful and generous gift.  To us!  The grandparents!

You know those gifts, the moment you open them, you already have decided that you are going to “steal” the idea and give to others?  Yes, that kind of once in a life time gift.

Somehow, enclosed in wonderful packaging was the mighty  power of a little acorn to celebrate a new branch to our family.  The gift of roots.






It feels like we were Bathed in the Grace of  strong family roots…..celebrating the now,  the future.

Bathed in the Grace of a beautiful moment in time.


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  1. What a great gift! How beautiful! And that picture of Bruce and your grand holding hands is just precious. Please know how much I have been thinking of you and your family and send you all big hugs!
    xo Joanne

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