10 minutes

“Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?”
―Dennis and Wendy Mannering

While ironing yesterday, I overheard an interview.   The person said, he wakes up and sets a timer.  He spends the first 10 minutes of his day, being grateful.  period.   He lists all the  people, animals, things, moments, reasons that he is grateful.  He keeps this up for a full 10 minutes every single day of his life.

Interesting.  What if I tried that?  What if instead of going quickly through my “grocery list” of prayers, yoga stretches and reviewing in my head, the things to do list……..I was plain and simply grateful?

Oh sure, throughout the day, I find myself saying, wow, I am so grateful I have a working car.  I am so grateful for fresh vegetables and fruits.  I am grateful my phone rang and it was one of my kids (get this………….just wanting to talk, while he walked the dog and pushing the baby stroller).  I am grateful my daughter in-laws like to send me a quick text now and then throughout the day.

You can be sure, this girl is a very grateful girl.  I live my life that way.

I try and keep an open mind. (Hopefully good will sneak in and the brains and other stuff don’t fall out..  haha)   Maybe I could be more grateful.  More gracious about all that surrounds me.  Maybe if I took the time, the grateful attitude would be so embedded in me that others would notice my attitude.  The attitude would be contagious.

I wanted to give it a try.  10 minutes of being in the moment.  10 minutes of being grateful.  10 minutes before the daily chores get in the way and the phone starts and life gets swirling.

Surprise, 10 minutes went by in a wink of an eye.  I had more stuff to be thankful for than just a measly 10 minutes.  I will continue my list tomorrow.  This is a cinch!

Geesh, I can fill 10 minutes with non stop gratitude.

Grateful for:

 the sun glistening off the wet leaves

the sleeping dog companion by my side

 steaming cup of coffee this morning

a second cup of coffee, ha

3 grands

a dryer

a niece who sent her school picture to us

a scarecrow contestDSCN5420


coming home from vacation

 an exercise bike

 my handwork

Mr. Right

art supplies

my health today

4 adult “kids”

oodles of gourds and pumpkins to decorate with

friends that send me things to occupy my brain while I eat my medicine


a niece who keeps us in the loop at her fancy job

the ability to pay for my health regimen

salt lamp

friends that send me postcardsDSCN5418


sewing machine

friends that send me a text to check in


friends that send me polka dot spatulas

friends that send me polka dot napkins and rings

2 grand girlies

friends that send me Halloween treats

3 week old grand

figuring out banking issues

morning juice

My sister-in-law and her health

chickens that have offered 427 eggs

natural hair conditioner


sense of humor

morning notes from Mr. Right

smooches from Mr. Right

playing Scrabble with Mr. Right

looking through pictures with Mr. Right

holding hands with Mr. Right

singing to 1970’s music with Mr. Right

riding in a car with Mr. Right

debating with Mr. Right

my life, (you guessed it) with Mr. RightDSCN5416

 Quick!!!!!!  How many things can you list that you are grateful for in just 10 minutes?

8 thoughts on “10 minutes

  1. Love this! I will start doing this everyday! Kinda makes the day seem special! I’m thankful for such a wonderful, caring and lovely friend in you! What a great way to enrich your life!

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  2. I try and do a gratitude list when my head hits the pillow at night. If I can’t sleep, I do an alphabet thing- Apples, Babies, etc!
    I am really grateful for where and how I sleep. I have a pillow top mattress, currently with flannel sheets and an extra blanket. Super comfy and warm. I have two fluffy pillows and a smaller pillow that I put between my knees to keep my back straight.
    I am so grateful for a safe and warm place to sleep. Many do not have this. I thank God at night for such a blessing.
    Thank you for making me think of all I am grateful for today!
    Joanne xo

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