You know that scene in “Pretty Woman” where the older gentleman tells Richard Gere’s character….. I am proud of you?   In no way did he want to sound condescending.  He just wanted to tell another human being, good job.  I am proud of you.   He didn’t really know him that well, was certainly not a friend……..he just felt the need to acknowledge how proud he was of the younger man’s business decision.

I adore that feeling.  Actually telling someone you are proud of them and their choices.   I feel the need to do just that.

Mr. Right has a co-worker (and family)  that have made some amazing and wonderful healthy changes and positive choices in the last 60 days.   He has blown me away with all the good he has chosen to bring into his life and his family’s life.  He cares about his family so much, he decided to show them and help them learn about health and good choices.

I have met him once.  No, I don’t know him all that well.   I have not had the pleasure of meeting his wife or daughters.

Here’s the thing, I  have a need to say, somehow, I am proud of the direction you have chosen to go.  The path you have chosen is by far, less traveled.

You sir, are on the right track and it is fun to watch it unfold.

There is one thing that has been bothering him and his wife.


Not a huge crisis, just pondering how they were going to handle sugar and treats and their children.

Making all the positive and great choices means they have eliminated junk food and candy and sugar from their home.

They have three little girls.

Halloween means fun and happy and dress up and of course treats.  Bags O treats.

So instead of telling him how we felt, we decided to show him how we felt. 20141030_112948I put together a Halloween treat bag just for the girls.

Glow sticks, magnetic letters, jelly roll pens, and hair accessories……….oodles and oodles of hair goodies.

It might all seem goofy and silly.

I just know, while raising kids is sometimes tricky and if someone offered up a bag O treats and goodies to help affirm our decision, I would have been over the moon delighted.

Here’s to a spooky Halloween!

Here’s a happy bag of treats for your girls!

Here’s to a very Happy Halloween and many, many healthy days beyond.

You two parents are doing a wonderful job (yes, it is a job) raising healthy and happy girls.

We wish you nothing but pure goodness and a few tricks up your sleeve!

Well done, we are proud of you!





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