Oh yes, I adore putting in that very final, last stitch on a project.  However, the thrill of a new pattern almost makes me giddy.  I adore lining up all the new threads.  Choosing the perfect linen.  This time, I have chosen 32 count, Belfast Linen, color Platinum.  I have decided on my latest counted cross stitch sampler.

I adore samplers.  I am not sure if it is the order of things or the simple and straightforward design.  I love the “hunt” of finding my next project.  I just took a moment and counted 14 samplers in my home right now.  20141107_084507

In some samplers, I have stitched the date I finished.  The last one I completed, I stitched the year I started.  I have been known to stitch one of my family’s birth date’s as the sampler date.  I was daydreaming about who might want one of these some day.  I was thinking if someone saw his or her birth date or year they would “know” it was meant for them.

20141125_105403You can see in the counted cross stitch project (with the red heart) the date June 14.  That is the birthday of one of our boys.

For some silly reason, when I saw the pattern of the next piece, I already decided that instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0  I was going to stitch 1,2,8,4,5,6…….It sort of tickled me to have a “secret” 84 in the line up.  One of our daughter in law’s was born in 1984.  She adores trees.  She is a kind girl.  I love the title, “Be Kind & Be True”.  This might be the one, that has “her name written all over it”. 2011-08-05 Be Kind & Be True framed

I love to have a project ready, edges finished.  I love to have a couple of needles threaded.  My basket is sitting right near my stitching lamp.  I like to pick up the linen some nights and stitch for 10 minutes.  Other nights 2 hours doesn’t seem long enough.

I find joy in the doing.  Yes, for some reason, I love the accomplished feeling I get from looking at projects that take 50, sometimes 80 hours.  Ten minutes here and there.  One hour on a Thursday afternoon.  One or two stitches then the phone rings.  Bit by bit, a master piece is created.

Stitching helps me.  Stitching is happy.  Stitching samplers helps me remember wellness and health are achieved bit by bit.  Day by day.

It’s all about the journey.

grateful garland

20141119_082306paper, scissor & string.   That’s it.   Make one.  Your heart and soul will dance a jig.

Okay, you can use a fancy rotary cutter and buy really fancy schmancy paper and rustic twine.  It is completely in your hands. You can use paper you have on hand, you can use twine from your Mr. Right’s work bench.  You get the idea.

Cut out some paper banner pieces.  Cut them twice as long as you would like to see.  Fold in half & slip over and tape or glue (on the inside) onto a string, yarn or twine.

Lay your project on a table and set a basket of ink joy, jelly roller, colored pencils, pens.  craft portion, done.

You start by writing a few things you are grateful for.  Walk away.

It’s easy, give it a try. grateful

The most interesting thing happens.  Even your Mr. Right will casually pick up a pen and jot down several things he is grateful for.

As you walk by with a laundry basket full of dry clothes, you might find yourself setting the basket down and jotting down the word dryer.  I am GRATEFUL for my dryer as it was 20* yesterday morning.   I would not want to hang clothes outside to dry in 20*.  I am GRATEFUL.

Yesterday, once home from shopping (my least favorite hobby), I was grumpy and grumbling.  I stopped and wrote driving.  I am GRATEFUL that I am able to drive myself.  Heck, I am GRATEFUL that I live in a country where I am “allowed” to drive.

I stopped drinking my glass of juice, set it down, picked up a green ink joy pen and wrote the word juice.  I am GRATEFUL that I am healing with juice.

This morning, I hung up our grateful garland just to snap a picture.   I am putting it back on the table.

By Thanksgiving, I want to have every single space filled with all the things we are grateful for.

I made it two-sided.

We will fill both sides.

Young, old we all have oodles of things to be grateful for.

We choose to live our lives in a state of gratefulness.

I love when I find ways to remind myself just how dang tootin’ lucky I am.


grateful 2





nude food

20141117_202316I recently read a blog post from a gal who said:

My children’s school, like many others in Australia, has weekly “nude food” days when children are asked to bring lunch in reusable containers without any wrappers and packaging.

I love that they are teaching awareness, health, environment …… and on and on.

You just know my brain was swirling and twirling.   I read the article & promptly ordered my food grade/safe polyurethane laminate  from http://www.wazoodle.com

I must say, the order was placed and before I even once wished it was here, it was.  Super speedy service.  love that.

20141117_202329I ordered lime green.  They offer oodles of food safe colors.  It was $9.95 a yard.   I will use cotton fabrics for the outside of my nude food sandwich keepers and snack bags.   I made a small snack size bag, however, I am thinking a larger snack bag will be perfect for car trips.

Last night,  I found myself in the sewing room.  I wanted to try out the new fabric.  A bit different from what I am used to.  However, I got the hang of it pretty quick.  I LOVE that the plastic if food grade safe.  That is HUGE in my world.  Trying to rid our lives of plastic is quite tricky. Toxins are bad mojo and if I can figure out a way to be exposed to less and less, than my family wins.

I am so grateful to have learned about this safe product.

I used scraps of cotton fabric that I had.  However, You KNOW I am going to have to find some Frozen theme fabric to make sandwich holders for the grandgirlies.  Oh, and probably something a bit more manly for Mr. Right to take to work.

20141117_202338Here’s to our health and wellness.   Here’s to super easy peasy sewing projects that will make great gifts you feel good about tucking into a stocking (minus the sandwich, ew).

Please share what you have done today to make healthier choices.  I would love to  steel borrow your smarty pants ideas, thanks.

Enjoy your healthy lunch.

ps.  No sandwich was harmed during my picture-taking.  I just used two pieces of bread and put them back when I was done. ha


dunderheads among us

Today, I am offering up a Public Service Announcement.  If you are reading this, you are the public and I am offering a service.

Buckle up. 

dunceLast night, a friend and her husband were leaving a restaurant.  Once outside they were screamed at by a schmuck.   If you don’t know what a schmuck is, let me use a different word…. buffoon.  They were walking out the door of a restaurant located in California, USA.

Here is the service:  Today is 2014.

We are not living in the 1930’s.  We are living in America.  People can and do marry people of different cultures and backgrounds.  NO ONE CARES what color your skin is!  No one cares what country your great grandparents came from.  People only care if you are a ninny.  Stop behaving like a ninny!

In the words of my four-year old grandgirlie, “REALLY PEOPLE?”

(Here is where I want to be a young, salty Sailor and scream ~TYPE ALL IN CAPITOL LETTERS and use profanity to describe this person.  However, I am not sure you are allowed to do that during a Public Service Announcement?)  I always had better success at correcting my children when I spoke very, very quietly.  They knew something was about to taught.

Like when I give myself a budget to buy a present…..  I am much more creative, if I have to use my noodle.  So, no swearing during a PSA.  I am only allowing myself to utilize creative words to describe this half wit.

Seriously?  Have you and your pea sized brain been living under a rock?  Let’s be honest here.  It must stink pretty bad under that rock?

Sometimes, I write my blog post to teach my “kids” something that I want them to learn.  I am NOT writing this to my four adult grown children.  They don’t need to be taught this.  They are well-educated, intelligent, smarty pants people who would never stoop to such stupidity as did this dolt.

It hurts my heart.  Oh sure, I have heard all kinds of nastiness from my own family.  Here’s a test, marry someone from another country in 1982.  Yep, folks, there were numskulls back then, too.

Fast forward to today, 2014, I had no idea that an under educated ninny & buffoon was roaming among us?

This is nasty and naughty behavior.    Someone needs to dust off his book of “how to behave like a normal, kind, well-educated person” book.

I wish I was strong enough to call you out.

You are an imbecile.

You are an idiot.

I wish I could wash your mouth out with soap.

If it happened to me, I can only hope I would be strong enough to keep my mouth closed and move along.

Ignoramus like that don’t deserve our breath or energy.

Public Service Announcements are so cleansing and helpful.

Glad I could be of some service today.

The End.



no receipt, please

images (4)We all know about receipts.  I don’t have to explain to you, my smarty pants friends and family. We all know that they contain BPA.
I am trying everyday to heal.  Every single day, I have oodles of things I do to get well.
It is what I do.  I am healing.
I am trying to leave sickness behind me.  I am trying to build up my immune system………….
You can figure out why I am trying to eliminate any and all toxins that can enter quickly into my blood stream.
This is bad stuff.  Bad mojo, don’t want no bad mojo!
In case your second cousin, on your mother’s side, doesn’t know about the receipts…….here is a site you can send him:
 You all know that Mr. Right and I rarely squabble.   We very rarely have public disagreements.
We discuss this WAY TOO MUCH in public places.
Here is the thing, I am trying to avoid taking the receipts……….(my life is at stake here folks).
He says just don’t take the receipt.
I feel impolite when I don’t take it.  I guess it is habit?  The cashier is putting on a friendly, high-pitched voice… 
” smiling………here’s your receipt!” 
If, I check myself out, sure I can easily “forget” to take it and just leave it there.
The grocery store, post office, retail store most of the time lump it together with my change.  Here you go.
It is awkward and a mess.  I feel bad.  I don’t know how to say, I can’t touch that.
I take it sometimes.
I am getting better.  Mr. Right would say not good enough. download (1)
I like that the article above says, ask the clerk ahead of time not to print one.  Okay, if I can work up the courage to say that.  I will try.
Wednesday in the Post Office, I mailed one thing.  70 cents.  I reached for my change, said thank you and turned to walk away.  In a loud voice, the “kind” cashier yelled, (in front of 8 other people), I was turning red at this point, “Ma’am, you forgot your receipt”.  I turned back and took it.
I came home and washed my hands.
Any suggestions will be happily accepted.  
I do not want to take the receipt any longer.
 I no longer want to squabble with Mr. Right about this.
I am educated and understand the ramifications.  I want to make this choice, strongly and politely.
Please, any suggestions would be appreciated on how you or your family members refuse, yet still politely and not taking the time to educate every single person over 70 cents……. how you not take the receipt.
Work with me cashiers of the world, I am trying to get healthy here!
Thanks in advance.   I politely await your reply.
Thank you.
ps.  Pictures shown are not my actual receipts.  Breathe easy, Mr. Right.

made with love, wrapped with glitter

grandma label 2I am sort of toying with the idea of buying some labels.  You know those ones?  Go look in your linen closet, I will wait.  You know that crocheted afghan your granny made you?  She gave it to you for your 13th Christmas. You thought it was so cool.  The shocking LIME green stripe?  You kept it all these years.  You know she made it with love just for you. You know, because shocking LIME green was your favorite color and the label says so.

I sort of want my grands to know that I sew every stitch with love, just for them.  Sewing for my grandchildren makes me very happy.  I want them to know it. Grandma-Tags

20141112_115532Even thou this granny has not yet seen the Frozen movie(GASP, crazy beans I know), I have spent several dollars this season on products.  I even stood in line with my coupon and bought some fabric.  I sort of have this feeling that two little princesses will have very sweet dreams when they get to use their very own pillowcases.

When they are playing “fort” under the dining room table….. I want them to be using their flashlights and dreaming and come upon a label that says they are loved.

ps.  I added the sweet snowflake to the packaging.  The parents of said darling princesses will have to deal with the glitter.  Grandma’s and grands like to call it magical.

I think the parents might have other words.  Another wonderful part of being a Grandma.  I think all grands NEED glittery goodness. 20141112_120956


so good, lick the spatula, good

Years ago, I found out that I was allergic to MSG.  I read books and did my research.  I learned about 28 different names they use for msg.  I read the hardest read of my life (thank you Dr. Russell Blaylock).   I keep a laminated card in my wallet, in case I get into trouble and I need emergency help.

I removed, what I thought was everything from the “mr. yuck” list.  Every once in a while, I would still have huge welts and my tongue would swell.  What the heck?  I just couldn’t figure it out.

I figured it out last week.

When we lived in Germany, I was introduced to and fell in love with Nutella.  Oh my stars.  An amazing little product of smashed Hazelnuts (my grandparents had a Hazelnut farm and I want my own nut farm, long story) and chocolate swirled together into a lovely concoction of pure joy.  I stopped eating this amazing mixture about two years ago.  Sadly, as I said goodbye to sugar and dairy, I had to say  a fond farewell to this treat .

I found out last week, one of the ingredients they call vanillin, is code for MSG.  Geesh, no wonder, I did not know that. That was a new name for me.

Enter amazing life changing recipe:   I was so grateful a friend pointed out this recipe to me.  I could almost hear the angels singing a heavenly tune.

20141111_084642Homemade Nutella.  (If you use raw almond milk, the entire recipe could be raw.)

If my chair was a bit higher, I would be swinging my legs, giggling while I typed.  As it was, I got to lick the spatula clean.  Oh my goodness, rich, thick, nutty goodness.  Then I licked my fingers.  Yes, rather unladylike, so delightful.

I am sure you can find the recipe on the amazing computer in front of you, however, I will write it quick so you can have a go at making this wonderful little extra in life.

First, soak 1 cup of raw hazelnuts for 10-12 hours.  Drain and rinse.  Put into the food processor or Blendtec.  Blend until smooth, scraping down as needed.  This may take 10-15 minutes as you are looking for a buttery consistency.   Then add 1/4 cup raw agave, 1 teaspoon natural vanilla, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 cup cocoa powder, 2-4 Tablespoons almond milk.  Blend until smooth and then slowly add the milk.

I put it into a squat little jar and tied a chocolate-brown ribbon around the top.  I wanted it in a jar, so I could “sneak” some now and then just like I used to.

We are in this together.  Here’s to delicious health and wellness!

cider? yes, please

Do you want to make your dinner tonight extra special?

Do you want your Mr. Right to hurry home for supper?

Want to know one secret of a happy marriage?

Do you want kids eager to help set the table?

Easy Peasy.

Malus-GalaTake a bowl full of gala and granny’s.

Cut ’em up.  Add one peeled lemon, cut up.  20141106_161000

Toss them in the juicer.


20141106_163248 (1)Apple Cider!

Pure Goodness.  Pure happy.  Perfect tart & sweet.

Say Grace.

Take that first sassy sip.  Oh, so good.

Tastes like fall.

You just elevated your Friday night dinner.  A dinner worthy of sharing with a neighbor.

Pure goodness worthy of your family and you.

Yes, you are so worth fresh apple cider!


Hello Weekend!


one month

I am grandma, hear me shout!  Watch me dance a jig.

You know the kind of people who wear charm bracelets with their 3 grand names hanging proudly?

“My, how you have grown!”  “What?  You can tie your own shoes?”  “Impressive”.   “Your hair is so pretty and getting so long”.

“You are so cute!”  “You are so smart.”  “Every single thing you do is amazing and wonderful!”

“Geesh, time slips by so quickly”!

Grand number three was one month old yesterday!

Celebrating our Goodness.  Thought I would share a picture.

Be still my heart.

Have I mentioned lately what a lucky grandma I am?