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downloadGrowing up, my mother used white Corning ware with the little blue flowers on the front.  She would peel squash (her favorite) and cube it, cover it with brown sugar and s & p and put it into the oven.  Then set the timer for one hour.   The timer would ding and out would come this steaming, nasty looking, squashed vegetable that looked sad.

We had to take one “no, thank you” bite.  Never once, in all my years growing up did my sisters or I, say, “you know, that one bite made me a believer.  Fill up my plate!”

Welcome to 2014.

20141104_142025Last night I peeled & cubed Butternut Squash. (I gave the seeds to the chickens)  I tossed in olive oil and S & P.  At the last moment, I tossed in a handful of fresh cranberries, as a test.   I roasted it in a hot 425* oven for 17 minutes then flipped it and added 17 more minutes.  What came out was a glorious vision.  Toasty brown edges, caramelized to perfection.

Before roasting I snapped a picture and shared.   The comments were amazing.  They were inspiring.

I am grateful & thankful for the girls in my life.  They inspire me to be a better version of me.  They inspire me to roast a better version of squash. images (1)

Add curry to your squash, amazing. 

Add cranberries and Brussels Sprouts.  They roast to perfection. 

Brussels Sprouts caramelize to taste like candy.

We are in this together.  Here’s to our good health and wellness! 

ps.  the cook got to snag the little tiny roasted cranberries, hot off the pan.  Oh my, be still my heart.  so, so good.



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