cider? yes, please

Do you want to make your dinner tonight extra special?

Do you want your Mr. Right to hurry home for supper?

Want to know one secret of a happy marriage?

Do you want kids eager to help set the table?

Easy Peasy.

Malus-GalaTake a bowl full of gala and granny’s.

Cut ’em up.  Add one peeled lemon, cut up.  20141106_161000

Toss them in the juicer.


20141106_163248 (1)Apple Cider!

Pure Goodness.  Pure happy.  Perfect tart & sweet.

Say Grace.

Take that first sassy sip.  Oh, so good.

Tastes like fall.

You just elevated your Friday night dinner.  A dinner worthy of sharing with a neighbor.

Pure goodness worthy of your family and you.

Yes, you are so worth fresh apple cider!


Hello Weekend!


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