made with love, wrapped with glitter

grandma label 2I am sort of toying with the idea of buying some labels.  You know those ones?  Go look in your linen closet, I will wait.  You know that crocheted afghan your granny made you?  She gave it to you for your 13th Christmas. You thought it was so cool.  The shocking LIME green stripe?  You kept it all these years.  You know she made it with love just for you. You know, because shocking LIME green was your favorite color and the label says so.

I sort of want my grands to know that I sew every stitch with love, just for them.  Sewing for my grandchildren makes me very happy.  I want them to know it. Grandma-Tags

20141112_115532Even thou this granny has not yet seen the Frozen movie(GASP, crazy beans I know), I have spent several dollars this season on products.  I even stood in line with my coupon and bought some fabric.  I sort of have this feeling that two little princesses will have very sweet dreams when they get to use their very own pillowcases.

When they are playing “fort” under the dining room table….. I want them to be using their flashlights and dreaming and come upon a label that says they are loved.

ps.  I added the sweet snowflake to the packaging.  The parents of said darling princesses will have to deal with the glitter.  Grandma’s and grands like to call it magical.

I think the parents might have other words.  Another wonderful part of being a Grandma.  I think all grands NEED glittery goodness. 20141112_120956


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  1. Kathie

    Please…Please…Please…Grandma Daleen don’t just “toy” with the idea of labels. Get them ordered, pronto, your grands are not getting any younger!! Oh yeah, please do me a favor, DO NOT purchase those awful pre packaged ones. Ugh! You will be a much happier Granny!!!

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