no receipt, please

images (4)We all know about receipts.  I don’t have to explain to you, my smarty pants friends and family. We all know that they contain BPA.
I am trying everyday to heal.  Every single day, I have oodles of things I do to get well.
It is what I do.  I am healing.
I am trying to leave sickness behind me.  I am trying to build up my immune system………….
You can figure out why I am trying to eliminate any and all toxins that can enter quickly into my blood stream.
This is bad stuff.  Bad mojo, don’t want no bad mojo!
In case your second cousin, on your mother’s side, doesn’t know about the receipts…….here is a site you can send him:
 You all know that Mr. Right and I rarely squabble.   We very rarely have public disagreements.
We discuss this WAY TOO MUCH in public places.
Here is the thing, I am trying to avoid taking the receipts……….(my life is at stake here folks).
He says just don’t take the receipt.
I feel impolite when I don’t take it.  I guess it is habit?  The cashier is putting on a friendly, high-pitched voice… 
” smiling………here’s your receipt!” 
If, I check myself out, sure I can easily “forget” to take it and just leave it there.
The grocery store, post office, retail store most of the time lump it together with my change.  Here you go.
It is awkward and a mess.  I feel bad.  I don’t know how to say, I can’t touch that.
I take it sometimes.
I am getting better.  Mr. Right would say not good enough. download (1)
I like that the article above says, ask the clerk ahead of time not to print one.  Okay, if I can work up the courage to say that.  I will try.
Wednesday in the Post Office, I mailed one thing.  70 cents.  I reached for my change, said thank you and turned to walk away.  In a loud voice, the “kind” cashier yelled, (in front of 8 other people), I was turning red at this point, “Ma’am, you forgot your receipt”.  I turned back and took it.
I came home and washed my hands.
Any suggestions will be happily accepted.  
I do not want to take the receipt any longer.
 I no longer want to squabble with Mr. Right about this.
I am educated and understand the ramifications.  I want to make this choice, strongly and politely.
Please, any suggestions would be appreciated on how you or your family members refuse, yet still politely and not taking the time to educate every single person over 70 cents……. how you not take the receipt.
Work with me cashiers of the world, I am trying to get healthy here!
Thanks in advance.   I politely await your reply.
Thank you.
ps.  Pictures shown are not my actual receipts.  Breathe easy, Mr. Right.

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