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20141117_202316I recently read a blog post from a gal who said:

My children’s school, like many others in Australia, has weekly “nude food” days when children are asked to bring lunch in reusable containers without any wrappers and packaging.

I love that they are teaching awareness, health, environment …… and on and on.

You just know my brain was swirling and twirling.   I read the article & promptly ordered my food grade/safe polyurethane laminate  from

I must say, the order was placed and before I even once wished it was here, it was.  Super speedy service.  love that.

20141117_202329I ordered lime green.  They offer oodles of food safe colors.  It was $9.95 a yard.   I will use cotton fabrics for the outside of my nude food sandwich keepers and snack bags.   I made a small snack size bag, however, I am thinking a larger snack bag will be perfect for car trips.

Last night,  I found myself in the sewing room.  I wanted to try out the new fabric.  A bit different from what I am used to.  However, I got the hang of it pretty quick.  I LOVE that the plastic if food grade safe.  That is HUGE in my world.  Trying to rid our lives of plastic is quite tricky. Toxins are bad mojo and if I can figure out a way to be exposed to less and less, than my family wins.

I am so grateful to have learned about this safe product.

I used scraps of cotton fabric that I had.  However, You KNOW I am going to have to find some Frozen theme fabric to make sandwich holders for the grandgirlies.  Oh, and probably something a bit more manly for Mr. Right to take to work.

20141117_202338Here’s to our health and wellness.   Here’s to super easy peasy sewing projects that will make great gifts you feel good about tucking into a stocking (minus the sandwich, ew).

Please share what you have done today to make healthier choices.  I would love to  steel borrow your smarty pants ideas, thanks.

Enjoy your healthy lunch.

ps.  No sandwich was harmed during my picture-taking.  I just used two pieces of bread and put them back when I was done. ha


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  1. Kathie

    All sandwiches are breathing easier!!! They look fun, easy and better for all. Looking forward to the “fun and sassy” fabrics that you find.

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