grateful garland

20141119_082306paper, scissor & string.   That’s it.   Make one.  Your heart and soul will dance a jig.

Okay, you can use a fancy rotary cutter and buy really fancy schmancy paper and rustic twine.  It is completely in your hands. You can use paper you have on hand, you can use twine from your Mr. Right’s work bench.  You get the idea.

Cut out some paper banner pieces.  Cut them twice as long as you would like to see.  Fold in half & slip over and tape or glue (on the inside) onto a string, yarn or twine.

Lay your project on a table and set a basket of ink joy, jelly roller, colored pencils, pens.  craft portion, done.

You start by writing a few things you are grateful for.  Walk away.

It’s easy, give it a try. grateful

The most interesting thing happens.  Even your Mr. Right will casually pick up a pen and jot down several things he is grateful for.

As you walk by with a laundry basket full of dry clothes, you might find yourself setting the basket down and jotting down the word dryer.  I am GRATEFUL for my dryer as it was 20* yesterday morning.   I would not want to hang clothes outside to dry in 20*.  I am GRATEFUL.

Yesterday, once home from shopping (my least favorite hobby), I was grumpy and grumbling.  I stopped and wrote driving.  I am GRATEFUL that I am able to drive myself.  Heck, I am GRATEFUL that I live in a country where I am “allowed” to drive.

I stopped drinking my glass of juice, set it down, picked up a green ink joy pen and wrote the word juice.  I am GRATEFUL that I am healing with juice.

This morning, I hung up our grateful garland just to snap a picture.   I am putting it back on the table.

By Thanksgiving, I want to have every single space filled with all the things we are grateful for.

I made it two-sided.

We will fill both sides.

Young, old we all have oodles of things to be grateful for.

We choose to live our lives in a state of gratefulness.

I love when I find ways to remind myself just how dang tootin’ lucky I am.


grateful 2