my favorite tree

20141130_134631Brrrrr, it is down right chilly where I live.   Yesterday, we went and got a tree for our deck!  It is something we look forward to every single year.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are always two or three trees inside our home.  A beautiful candle in every window.  Front door festooned with wreath and a jaunty snowman and trees.  Yes, we decorate with buckets and baskets with fresh greens and lots of holly.   It’s just that the deck tree is my all time favorite, mitten covered hands down, year after year.

Right now, as I type to you, I can see the deck.  I can see the beautiful, full, lush Douglas evergreen tree.  Around the base I have put buckets of fir, and cedar, and holly.  I have a bird feeder and a wire ring that we put peanuts in for the Stellers Jays. I use wooden bird houses and cement animals to decorate.  In a day or two there will be pine cones rolled in peanut butter than bird seed to hang on the tree.  Left over popcorn will be offered up on a daily basis.

Oh, and what seems like millions of tiny white lights.

We decorated for many, many years in the front of our home.  Mr. Right climbed up onto the roof to put up white lights all around our home.  With the very few exceptions when we drove home from a quick grocery stop and felt comfortable leaving the lights illuminated, we didn’t get to enjoy them much.  Oh, sure we have very nice neighbors and I know they enjoyed our lights.  We just wanted to enjoy some of our efforts as well.

As I type, Sweet Liberty has her head on her pillow and she is watching a squirrel and some chickadees exploring the new tree. 20141130_153647

I simply adore that we do this for us.  It is charming and natural.  It makes me feel good that our decorations can be an invitation to the birds, squirrels and yes, chickens to enjoy as well.

As we begin this season of Advent, I want to take a moment to wish you all the goodness of the season.

I would love to hear your ideas on how you decorate outdoors.  What decorating do you do, just for you and your family?  Are we spending the right amount of time,  preparing an inviting, cozy sanctuary for the ones we love?  Or are we spending money and time to show off for the neighbors?   I know, I had to regroup a couple of years ago.  I had to take an honest look at how we choose to celebrate.  I am happy to announce, we found a happy and healthy balance for our home to look festive and inviting from the front side & yes, we still give our neighbors loaves of fresh made English Muffin Bread.  They are perfectly fine with our change in decorating as long as the homemade bread keeps coming.

The outdoor tree makes me feel happy.  Oh, I forgot to mention that all those needles are on the outside, haha.

20141130_164617May peace and goodness and healthy choices find their way into your family and home this season.

ps.  when the New Year arrives, we will take down the tree and chop a few branches each week.  I will use those to line the chicken coop for extra warmth during the harsh, and cold winter months.  Even that, makes me happy.  Who knew one tree could offer up so much happy?



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  1. I love this post and I love your outdoor tree! (and I love the Christmas snowy look of your site) If you visit my blog you will see my indoor and outdoor tree too. I love how you will make peanut butter pine cones and and use the leftover pine for your chickens. So awesome. Happy happy Christmas!

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