miss smarty pants

fancy pantsI must have decided to wear my smarty pants while spray painting.

This year for my outdoor decorating, I decided to add a touch of red, here and there.  A jaunty red plaid bow on a wreath, some sprigs of fresh holly with their striking red berries and I decided to paint some buckets bright Christmas red.

I waited for a non-rainy day, put on some, work clothes,  plastic gloves, set out some cardboard.  I taped the handles of the buckets with masking tape so the wood handles would look rustic.   I waited a day and then put on a second coat of paint.  Easy.  Waiting for it all to dry, was the tough part.  The spray paint which I bought a local small business, hardware store cost $4.99.

Love those DIY projects that are easy, quick and add a big burst of cheer to a display. 20141208_153352

Today, I was up early for a special phone call.  I was outside during the dark of morning.  I fed and watered the chickens, gave the birds some peanuts and seeds. It was then I noticed something all over the deck.

Oh no, it looked like blood.  I ran and got the flash light, I wanted a better look.  This did not bode well for an animal somewhere.

HEY WAIT A MINUTE, looks a lot like chips/chunks of red paint!

Good News:  No animal lost it’s life in the name of decorating.

Have you ever actually read the directions on the back of a spray paint can?  “for best results, use in a well ventilated area with temperature above 50*”

Um, so I am guessing that wearing a heavy coat in 36 degree weather is not ideal for spray painting metal buckets.  OH, so that’s why they put a guide of 50* or higher!

Just doing my part to make the world a happier place and sharing this gentle suggestion.


20141210_112745 (1)

Don’t be a smarty pants and know it all.  Read & follow directions. 

 It will make your holiday projects so much fancier. 

Happy do it yourself, decorating!

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  1. I seem adverse to painting lately so I can’t claim any knowledge of spray painting in cold weather. But it does seem to make sense. Thank you for a good lesson for all of us- in bright red. 😉

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