Mr. Right

As you may have surmised, Mr. Right doesn’t like to talk about Mr. Right.  He doesn’t actually like me to talk about Mr. Right.

special day plateWhen you write a blog, some 840+ posting later, you feel as though you should mention that it is your better half’s birthday.

So instead of talking about him, I think I will talk a bit about me.

I have been plotting and planning for a few weeks, now.  You know the perfect gifts?  Thoughtful gifts he won’t buy for himself, yet will be so tickled to receive.  (no, I can’t spill the beans, he reads this blog, duh)  I found his birthday card in FEBRUARY.  Glory bee, I still remembered where I hid it.  yippee.

So, my guy woke up to fresh home-made Apple turnovers and the perfect pun, birthday card.

Yesterday, I fluffed and puffed, me.  Hair cut, dyed, highlighted.  facial.  manicure & pedicure (sassy Dorothy Red Shoes, sparkle red!).  Yes, every year the day or two before his special day, I make an effort.    I polish the apple.  Here is the deal, we have been on this ride for 33 years.  I want to remind him that he made a good choice.  When he walks through that door tonight, I want to be calm, dressed (no, not in leopard print yoga pants), lipstick on, garnished appetizer plate out and dinner ready to go.  (que his favorite country music CD)

Today, I am baking homemade crackers to go with some olives, cheese & smoked salmon for an appealing appetizer plate.

Also, one of his yearly gifts is baking as I type and is another homemade treat of goodness.  I will tell you tomorrow.  Don’t want to foil the surprise.  ha

Today, I am finishing wrapping some gifts, hanging balloons, getting out the special day plate and making a sumptuous dinner of his choosing.

The dog will be brushed and the table will be set with all the best we have.

I am making an effort.

Yes, indeed.  You see kids, that’s how marriages/friendships thrive.  They are a LIVING thing.  You’ve got to feed it now and then.   You have to make an effort.

No, I don’t wait until the day before, “oh yeah, what do you want on your birthday”?  His birthday dessert choice is homemade.   He is of value to me.  I make plans.  I make the effort. I want him to know without a doubt that he is the that important.

Every single year, without fail.

No, I don’t make plans to celebrate next weekend.  We change our world around so the special day IS the special day.  

When the boys lived at home, I included them in the secret plans.  Each year they made cards and we wrapped presents and helped with the dessert choice of the birthday person.  I was teaching them to be thoughtful and think ahead.  Birthday’s are not a last-minute thing.  You know when they are just around the corner.  Get out there people, buy some napkins, get a special day plate, hang a few balloons………..yes, it is that important.

Now, I will say that December birthday’s can be tricky.  However, in all my years of budgeting and planning, I figured out to make all those things happen a month or two before the budget crushing month of December rolls around.

DSCN0650He is the best husband a girl could wish for.  He makes my world “work”.  He holds my hand when I need it and even for “no apparent” reason.

A while back, someone said to me, “I started reading your blog, and I thought you were always talking about your boyfriend.  I didn’t realize you were married.”  One of the nicest compliments I have ever received.  I try my darnedest, to treat him with respect and giddy school girl love, just as I would a boyfriend.

He doesn’t complain too loudly at glitter in decorations.  He doesn’t complain too much about twigs in decor around the house.  He finishes (and likes) “honey-dew, lists”.  He wipes down the car door jamb on my side.  That way, I have never gotten slush or dirt or grim on my pant leg or dress.  How’s that for thoughtful?  Oh sure, he stands before I sit at the table, he opens all the doors for me, he offers his handkerchief when I am in need.  However, he does the boyfriend stuff, too.  He hangs out in girl stores (jewelry or gift shops) even when he is the only boy.  He plans trips and finds interesting restaurants to try.  He sends me funny texts and calls me during the day.  He makes sure there are no stupid appointments planned on Valentine’s day.   He tells me my hair looks nice (even when we both know it is a little more “joyful” than usual). DSCN5339 - Copy

He is an amazing Dad and if you can believe this, an even more amazing Papa.

He is the best boyfriend in all the land.  I wish there was a contest.  He would love to win a lifetime supply of double-bladed razors or Rice A Roni!

He makes our family better.  He makes my world twirl.  He makes me a better version of me.  How could I offer any less to him?

So, if you run into Mr. Right today, quietly without fanfare, whisper a very Happy Birthday to him.  He will pretend like it doesn’t matter.

It does matter.

He matters to me.

20140802_142253Man, I love that guy.




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  1. Perfect blog read for this morning. Quietly whispering…”Mr Right, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I know your celebration was wonderful. Thanks for sharing Mrs. Right with us.”

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