crabby can be a good thing

I had to share………just had to.

Right smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the busy month of December, we took a time out.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We  gave ourselves a mini vacation.  Did you know, you can find Peace on Earth, right on the Oregon Coast?  We have steeled away in the month of December, years past.  It is truly magical.   The roar of the ocean somehow managed to quiet our souls. If all the stars align, I highly recommend taking a December time out.  Replenished what we are in need of, fills our empty pitchers and is time well spent.

I am one thankful girl.  Vacation in December is decadent.  It feels lovely.  Here’s a secret:  we save and roll our loose change all year-long…………. that pays for our December vacation get away, like this one.  So right smack in the middle of what is usually a very cash depleting month, we pay cash for everything, yep even gas and spending money and enjoy a vacation.  GOD BLESS the coin jar.  Yes, Virginia it does add up.

One of the things about vacation that I adore, is getting to be a little “loose” with our eating habits.   While pizza used to be one of my top 5 food choices of all time, the last time we chose to have pizza was back in August.  That was a long time ago, in pizza years.  sigh.   So we have been talking about, planning, talking some more, dreaming, drooling for a few weeks now about what else……………… pizza.  Okay, and all the other fun stuff you get to do on vacation.  Pizza seems so easy to dream about.  Is it me, or do other human beans dream of pizza?

We chose to indulge in our dreams by way of Pizza a Fetta in Canon Beach, Oregon, one of the top 50 pizza places in America. The best little place ever. The aroma was mouth-watering. We even walked by the place early in the day and read the outdoor posted menu.  (Don’t you wish every restaurant in America would post their menu?  We really appreciate that.) You could smell the pizza from outdoors.  swoon.  SWOON.  Yes, that amazing. We made our choice. We talked about it all afternoon.

When you conscientiously decide to have pizza, you make it an event.  No, you don’t call it in, drive by, grab it to go and bake at home and eat off a paper plate.

This is food that is worthy of your being.  We are so worth amazing food that is well thought out and prepared.  I want to say it tasted like it was made with love, however that might be stretching it a bit.

This pizza is worthy of sit down at a table, have real conversation (cell phones were left in the hotel) while waiting, red checkered table cloths, real plates and the table set with flatware.  This is the real thing.  Real ingredients, thoughtfully chosen, each pie crafted with heart and soul. The wait staff was friendly and welcoming.  They made each diner feel as though their choice was the perfect choice.  The small restaurant was spotlessly clean and decorated for the season with a snow scene in the window and cedar garland with lights hung outdoors.

crab pizza 2014The time had finally arrived.  We walked in, were seated at a perfect small table. We could see the chef tossing dough for a crust, stretching, gently forming. We placed our order.

The wait……………..

All at once it was placed in front of us, about 8 inches off the table, on a little stand. Eye level, who am I kidding, nose level. A FEAST for the senses. We both looked at it and memorized it. The HUGE chunks of fresh crab. Yes, that’s right. We ordered Crab Pizza. That first bite was an amazing sensation. Hot, chewy, wood fired toasted crust, seasoned perfectly, The cheese, oh the cheese.


Actually, two kinds of cheese, mozzarella & Asiago were nestled atop a beautiful Montrachet sauce.  Thinly sliced Roma tomatoes were dancing with green onions, parsley and cracked pepper. …..wait for it…………..the crowning glory of this amazing pizza was generous amounts of fresh Dungeness crab.  There was not one slice on the pan that you didn’t want as your first choice.  Each had more than enough huge chunks of crab to make it the perfect slice.

We indulged.  We left no pizza behind.  ha………… that as this girl was glad to have on stretchy polka dot pixie pants.

I follow this one blogger who says she writes to experience life twice.

Writing about this pizza was as close to eating and enjoying every single bite of the actual pizza.  A good thing to do, while the laundry swishes away on the first day home from vacation.

ps.  I “borrowed” this picture off of Google images.  No, we did not have cell phones at our table.  Gasp, we were actually in the moment.  And oh boy, did we enjoy those moments.



4 thoughts on “crabby can be a good thing

    1. Yes you can!
      Wash out an empty plastic jar that was full of delicious pecans or some other fancy nut.
      Glue a picture of the place you want to visit.
      January 1, start putting all that loose change in the jar. (bonus, pay with cash get more change for vacation!)
      Fill that jar, girlfriend.
      I want to hear all about your holiday 2015!!!!!!!
      We are in this together.
      Here’s to healthy and happy get aways!

      1. This is perfect. I am going to start right away and I am so grateful that you shared the idea!! I will fill that jar!!!!! Happy Happy Happy Get Aways!!

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