my book

The door bell rang.
I went to the door.
A box.
20141217_110624I opened it gently and peeked inside.
Books, a stack of books.
Real hard covered books.  Books that you can buy.  They smell like books.
The pages feel slippery and real.
There is a dust jacket with words about me, the author.  For heaven’s sake, there is an ISBN number!20141217_110641
20141217_111026My book.  The back cover even has a picture of me!
I wrote a book for my grands.
I have a good lump in my throat.
I can’t believe it.
If we still filled out IRS forms and you had to write what you do…………………………..
instead of housewife, mom, grandma and business owner…
I would write: author20141217_111807
Amazingly happy author. 

13 thoughts on “my book

    1. Thanks for celebrating with me.
      I worked for 40 minutes today, figuring out the selling process.
      I think it will be amazon.
      I set it aside for today.

      I am just giddy with looking at the book.
      I promise to let you know, when we have a book tour in your neighborhood. Ha.
      Thanks for always , always encouraging me to “try”.
      RL, Day

  1. This is so wonderful!!! And exciting! And phenomenal!!!! You go girl!!

    Happy Holidays to you. What an amazing way to begin the New Year too!

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