counting our happy

When our boys were little, we had a long and involved bed time ritual.

You know the drill; bath time, choose action hero jammies (once older, torn ripped, Twizzler t-shirt and faded shorts) brush teeth, jump around like monkeys to get the wiggle bugs out.

Next, choose three books each, okay four, alright, this one time five.

Try to settle down.  Quiet time, soft lighting, night lights on, one last drink of water out of those tiny Dixie paper cups.

The question:  What was your favorite part of the day?

Sometimes the answers was long and drawn out and came with many sentences that started with “and then”.  Some days, it was tough to think of just one little thing that was good or happy or fun.  We waited patiently until they figured it out.

Prayer time and then a million good nights.  one last knock, knock joke.

every night.  honestly.

Our favorite part of the day was usually hearing what they liked best about the day.  What made them happy or laugh.

Last year in December I challenged myself and all of you kind readers to make a Happiness Jar.  Set aside a jar, fill with things/moments that made you happy.  Didn’t have to be fancy.  Just do it.

20141222_151834Did you do it?  I filled mine pretty full.  Actually, I was feeling all puffed up and excited about how full of HAPPY my jar is.  I can’t wait until tonight when we dump it out and read and relive all the happy events that happened over the past year.  Makes me giddy just looking at the jar.  It isn’t fancy, I didn’t decorate it like I thought I would.  I grabbed any paper on any given day and jotted down the HAPPY for that day.

A trip to Florida.  A NEW GRAND.  A brother-in-law SUCCESSFUL eye surgery.  Walking in high heels on date night.  Sewing a bib for a new baby to be.  Collecting egg number 460.  A trip to California.  Some small, some monumental.

happiness jarThen I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s blog this morning.  She showed a picture of her jar.  Her BIG ASS jar.  Seriously.  She could hardly lift it.  She puts something happy or good inside the jar every single day!  I adore this idea. 

One of her readers shared that they have the jar in the middle of the dining room table.  Her and her kids put something happy into the jar daily.  One person, decorated their Christmas tree with all the Happy slips of paper.  happiness tree

Oh my stars.  I need to think bigger!  Choose a HUGE jar that is empty.  That way the universe will see the need to fill up that size jar with happy.

Elizabeth also said, on the days when there didn’t seem to be anything happy………..she would plunge her hand into the jar of all those slips and grab a handful and read those.  Then she would figure out the least unhappy thing of the day and write that down.

Oh sure, I make resolutions.  I am 95% great at keeping them.  Resolving to do better is a good thing.  However, resolving to notice and seek out the happy in each and every single day, is the whole point. Isn’t it?

Just think how many ridiculously happy things and moments are waiting for us in 2015?

We are in this together, here’s to our health, wellness and of course Happy!happy new year

7 thoughts on “counting our happy

  1. Confession; I didn’t do it. I wish I had thought to start this with my mother when I visited her at Christmas time. Maybe it’s something to do when I see her again.

    1. Here’s the beauty of counting HAPPY……….you can start any day you choose.
      You can start today. Then tomorrow you get to count the HAPPY of today and relive the HAPPY of the day before.
      You are WORTH counting up all the good in your life.
      Here’s to you!
      Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for sharing a smile.
      HAPPY counting 🙂

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