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I belong and follow a quilt group on-line.  Last week the question of the day was, “who is our oldest quilter and how long have you quilted?”  With over 3,500 followers you can imagine how many comments were offered.

One comment caught my eye.  She was 65 and has been quilting for 11 years.  (I bet you thought I was going to comment on the 81-year-old woman who has been quilting over 70+ years?  fyi, I LOVE that she is on Facebook!)

Anyway, back to my favorite quilter.  She said she was in a horrible car accident 11 years ago, her doctor said, he had done all he can do.  Go home and surround yourself with color, it will help you heal.  She actually didn’t have to put she was from Norway.    We could have guessed.

20141230_130549Here is the quilt that covered me the last time I was in the hospital.  Yes, I brought my own colorful quilt and colorful healing pillow case.  Somehow, in all my turmoil, I had convinced my surgeon to write it on my chart that I was “allowed” to have my own quilt and pillow case.  Did you read that?  “allowed”.  Haha  (fyi, we had to remind people to wash their hands before entering my room and they were worried about the germs on my brand new healing quilt.)

They ended up being more worried about my shockingly colorful quilt and pillowcase than they were about the HUGE red sign above my bed telling everyone what I was allergic to.  Sigh.

The beginning of the year, I hung this quilt up in our hallway.  Every single time I walk by, I run my hand over the stitches and feel the healing fluttering over me.  20150105_121827

A friend was feeling rather “blue” yesterday, so I went to my sewing machine and made a pair of shoe refreshers!  Cheery teal with little bits of orange sprinkled on the fabric.  I chose a jaunty orange ribbon to make the little pull.  Of course it wouldn’t be perfect without a happy polka dot tag!20150106_164555

I am fascinated by this idea of healing with color.   Oh sure, there are doubters.  Let them doubt.

I just have this nagging feeling, deep in my soul, that color can and does help us heal.  I am quite sure those that be, do not teach a class on healing by color in American medical schools.  Something tells me it is out there, in the universe.

Have you ever seen the face of a veteran who was just covered in a richly colored quilt?  Have you ever seen the smiles on little grandgirlies swirling in pink head to toe?

20150104_123843Over the weekend, Christmas got put away in boxes.  Our home was albeit very clean, yet shockingly dull of bright cheerful reds and greens.  Mr. Right brought home some jaunty yellow daffodils early, early Sunday morning.  Perfect splash of color!

You have to wonder.  90-year-old ladies quilting with color soaked fabrics, 80-year-old gals knitting with gorgeous saturated colorful wool, artist surrounding themselves with tubes of rich pigment.  Maybe, just maybe those folks may have found “the” secret.

On this dull, foggy, gray Pacific Northwest day………………I am surround myself with color.

Oodles of saturated, rich, vibrant healing color.

We are in this together friends, here’s to wellness and health.

May you surround yourself with amazing colors.  I hope it tickles your fancy.



6 thoughts on “color me Happy

  1. I love looking at that quilt. Reminds me of sunshine, and sherbets. I love the twirly stitching. Reminds me of bright skies and swirly clouds, and wonderful wonderful waves!!

    Mmmmmm…surrounding ourselves with gorgeous colors, and swirls, sounds like the best idea yet today.

  2. Beautiful quilt! I love to quilt when I have time. I do agree with you about healing colors. I am from a family intertwined with Native Americans and colors are at the heart everything. I couldn’t live without color!

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