the “good” stuff

It’s foggy, outdoors and inside my brain.  It is still early and dark.  It is morning time.  It takes me a while to get moving in the dawn of a new day.

I  let the chickens out, fluffed and puffed their condo, gave them fresh water and I found them still snoozing.  Hey!  Early bird catches the worm…. and all that? geesh.

I was wearing Mr. Right’s big black, nothing about these are fancy boots.  I marched back into the warmth of our home and got our day started.

20150108_100922With the dog fed & scratched behind the ears, my oatmeal cooking, I wrap my hands around a huge warm mug of coffee.  I turn and spy with my little eye, short, stubby, burned down taper candles.  I smile.

Short, stubby, burned down taper candles in our home means there must have been a fancy meal on that table last night.

Indeed there was.

The table was set with our best china.  We used our finest crystal and it was sparkly before we poured in the sparkly water.  The flatware was out of the good silverware box.  Fine linens and crystal salt cellars added the right touch to a perfectly set table.  Dinner music swirled in the background.  (side note, every single night, it was one of the boys “job” to choose our dinner music.  Some teen choices were less than soothing, haha)  The final act before saying Grace……… the 12″ taper cream-colored candles.  They were secure in tall crystal candle holders.  Their glow cast the perfect light on our plates.

You can find a package of 12 cream-colored, non scented candles at Trader Joe’s for a very reasonable price.  I keep a box in our refrigerator.  Helps them burn slower.  Yes, please, USE the candles.  Don’t save them for “good”.  Yes, even if you have a high chair pulled up to your table.  Set the tone, make the meal calm and feel of importance.  Will it always turn out calm and smooth and perfect?  Heavens, no.  But oh, it is so worth the effort.  No matter our age, we are all worthy of a fine meal.

We dined on the best grilled wild Sockeye Salmon we have had in a long time.  The herb rice was perfect.  The stuffed mushrooms were so flavorful and ever so slightly crisp on the very tops.  The broccoli had been peeled and was steamed to a delicate bite.  Just enough garlic and butter to make it the perfect side dish. Dessert helped us linger at the table, chatting.

Ah, January 7th.  A Wednesday.  The day we celebrate…………nothing.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We have no special birthday or anniversary to celebrate.  We have no huge announcement, no raise, no new little person to celebrate.  No special day plate was used.  The calendar had nothing penned on the date.




A couple of times a month, we pull out all the “good” stuff and we dine.  We are mighty grateful, but there is no big celebratory feel in the air.  It was Wednesday for goodness sake, sort of ho-hum.

We each had weird enough days that coming together at 6:30 pm, sitting down to a glorious meal, with a table set for company, that our conversation filled the entire meal time and spilled into the doing the dishes time.

Do you use your “good” silverware?  Do you put out your good linens to use?  Do you save everything for the Thanksgiving meal or for only when company comes over?  Really?  That is an awful lot of “good” stuff taking up storage space to only bring out once or twice a year.  I guess I am much more practical.  I want to get my money’s worth.  I want to use the “good” stuff.  sunday feast

We are so worth it.  Yes, we are all worthy of a lovely, well prepared meal, shared with someone you adore.  Or WAIT!  We are each worthy of a fine meal eaten alone.  Not in a sad, I am going to go eat worms kind of way.  No, no.  A true high quality, well prepared, nourishing meal, beautiful table set for one.  Um, yes…. we are each worth it.

You are an amazing person.  We each are people of value.  You are worth more than some processed food, warmed in the microwave, eaten in front of Wheel of Fortune on the television. I know Mr. Right and I are worth more than a meal bought in the frozen food section of the grocery store.


If you don’t value yourself and your health and well-being, who will? We each deserve to be nurtured.

If you don’ t value and honor and take care of your Mr. Right (or Mrs. Right) what is the point?

At the day’s end, we are each worthy of a lovely meal in a place we call our sanctuary.    We each need a table laden with goodness to fill our spirit as well as our bellies.

We each need nourishment to help our souls thrive.  Taking the time to bathe ourselves in Goodness and Grace is certainly a fine use of our skills.

Maybe one day this month, you can plan a meal of high quality, set the table with the “good” stuff ?   And please, don’t forget to light the candles.  They cast the most becoming light on just about everything.

bon Appetit


6 thoughts on “the “good” stuff

  1. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. 😊 Let’s extend that to the other areas of our lives too. Let’s grab that bouquet of flowers and arrange it for ourselves and our loved ones. Let’s pull those fancy guest towels out and actually use them ourselves. I so agree with you!! WE ARE WORTH IT!!!

  2. I have burned candles on my table right now! We burned candles many times as we ate, over the holidays. You are right. I should do it more often. We sit down to eat almost every night that Jim is not working. Once in a while, I should make it really special.

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