right, right, wrong

In an effort to stay fresh, motivated, moving forward……….this month, I am trying 6 new food products.

Here are the first three reviews:

20150111_150554Peace Cereal. I chose the Baobab Coconut.  On sale at the Health Food Store for under $4.00.  While, I do not eat cereal out of a box for a meal (nor should anyone), I will say, around 3:30 pm when it is time for  another glass of green juice & a piece of fruit, a couple handfuls of this crunchy, yummy snack hit the spot.  A nice crunch, everything organic, didn’t leave any weird taste, the different textures was a bonus and you know I loved the coconut.  They had 5 or 6 other flavors to choose from.  Mr. Right gave it a thumbs up.  The dog munched away.  (this is the same dog that will not eat a pretzel or piece of cucumber, but years ago, would scarf down a half a pop tart, so take her opinion for what it is worth) yes, it contains wheat, honestly, I did not check to see if they had a gluten-free option.

I would say this was the right choice.  I can actually see myself, getting a mini (that means 1/2 cup) bowl of this treat to have in place of popcorn some evening.

I would certainly buy again.


Next up, was a HOME RUN.  This company is called purely elizabeth.  I found it at the Health food store, however, they also sell it at Albertson’s.    I paid $5.49 for a 1020150111_151023 ounce bag. (alert, Health Food/Co-op Health Food prices can be a tad high)  I tried the Ancient Grain Oatmeal.  (Thank you SO much to Debbie and family for the suggestion.)  Don’t “cha” just love folks who share great finds?  I know I do and I really appreciate the help in seeking out and finding new goodies to try.    I made a bowl this morning for breakfast.  Quinoa, Amaranth, Flax, Hemp and chia.  Gluten free, no sugar, quick to cook.   I used Almond milk to make mine.  I put it over a bed of bok choy.

Note:  one of my new choices is to add one more servings of raw greens to my daily life.  I decided to add a layer to my hot cereal bowls, each morning.  You KNOW I get oodles of greens all day long, just wanted to add one more element of health and wellness to my life.  This means instead of buying 8 bunches of leafy green goodness a week, we now buy 9.  

Mr. Right was long gone this morning and I saved one little bite for the Sweet dog.  She lapped it up and licked her bowl.  So I am taking that as a two paws up!

I would have to say this was a very good choice.  I can promise you, I will finish this bag this week.  So good, such a perfect blend of flavors.

I would certainly buy again and again and again.


Into every life some rain must fall.

back story:   For 50+ years, come the middle of February,  this girl has gotten a heart-shaped box full of sweet treats.  Okay, a couple of years ago, Mr. Right filled a jaunty red tea kettle (not a heart shape) with some delicious goodies.  You know what I mean, sweet girls like to receive sweet treats.  It is a fact.  Even if a certain sweet girl no longer does the sugar thing, she still likes a treat now and then.  So I have been looking for and trying new sweet things.  Fingers crossed I will find the perfect Valentine treat.

Yes, I am well aware that vegan, high quality, organic, fair trade, blah, blah, blah………..cost a fortune.  I am looking for a mini box of sweet treats that do not contain toxic chemicals, flavorings, colors or sugar.  Maybe a small heart-shaped box with three or four pieces of pure goodness.  What I have done, is try out different companies.  NOTICE how I have not shared any great companies with you ? Still searching.   While I did receive some mighty tasty chocolate covered almonds (they had evaporated cane juice) in my Christmas stocking, I was looking for something a little more fancy.

20150111_150808I found a very expensive mini bar of chocolate at the Health Food Store.  Score!   Righteously Raw. They sold a small 2 inch square as a sample of the same chocolate.  It cost .79 cents.  Perfect.  We saved it until late in the evening Saturday night.

We had planned on sharing.  The wrapper looked so lovely.  I was so excited and happy.  I tore open the pretty little package.  I took the first bite of ……………wait for it………………………..I ran to the kitchen and actually spit out the little “piece of heaven”.  BLECH.  URGH, WIPE MY TONGUE.  GET IT OFF.  VERY UN LADY LIKE TO SPIT OUT FOOD IN THE GARBAGE CAN.

Mr. Right was chuckling.  It couldn’t be that bad?  He took his bite.

Yep, the girl sitting next to you, was one smart cookie to SPIT IT OUT.

It was the weirdest texture, sandy, crumbly, bitter, oodly cool, brittle, funny tasting piece of yucky waxy brown stuff I have ever tried.

(dogs cannot have any chocolate of any kind, no she did not get offered any)

While it did indeed “only” cost .79 cents, I would have been better off throwing the .79 cents into a wishing well, wishing I had spent my money on something that tasted better.

I would say,  Righteously Raw, Righteously Wrong!

So there you have my review round up for today.

We are in this together.  I would love to hear about a new product you have tried this month.