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Marriage secret number 598:  pay special attention to your tootsies!

Years ago, Mr. Right came home from the hospital and needed to rest for a couple of days.  Besides healing soups & foods, great music, reading aloud, aromatherapy, fresh & ironed sheets and pillow cases, aired out room for 30 minutes each day………I was trying to figure out what I could do to help the healing process.

I started reading and reading some more.  I found reflexology.

Okay, there are some doubters out there.  Doubt away.  Or maybe, just maybe I was part of the healing?  I like to think, because of my actions, I helped the healing process along.

reflexology-socks-feetI bought these socks to help remind me what part of the foot is connected to the other body parts.  I put a short stool on the floor at the end of the bed.  I used the socks for the first couple times, then I started to memorize the chart.

I used all natural oils, coconut, almond, apricot.  I added touches of essential oils.

Here’s the thing folks, whether you think it works it works or it doesn’t  ………… will.  Um, interesting.

Let me ask you, what person reading this right now, would not adore a 20 minute foot rub on each foot?

What person here, hasn’t had a stuffy nose and the thought of someone rubbing their feet with vapor rub or apricot oil with eucalyptus oil for 20 minutes wasn’t enticing?

What person has not had a grumpy, tired, won’t go to sleep little person?  You got it, bath time, story time, jammies and lay back for an amazing foot rub.  Yes, little short people who don’t even go to school yet, fall madly in love with foot rubs.

Healthy Feet are part of a Healthy person.  Ask any person in a white coat, who is worthy of wearing the white coat……………..look at a patients feet to find out how healthy they are.  Yes, you can tell how the kidneys and liver are working.  You can tell about circulation.  You can tell about sugar intake.  You can tell, if a person keeps their tootsies in tip-top shape, then you can make an informed guess that they work on the up keep of the rest of their bodies.

20150121_120433This past week, I made new shoe refreshers for Mr. Right’s shoes.  It had been a few years since I made the last ones, time to start over.  Sure you can just replace the cedar, I bought new fabric and started fresh. I cut the fabric, add a pull tag and stuff with fresh cedar chips.  Smells amazing. 20150121_122000

While I was sewing, I made a couple extra sets to add to birthday gifts.  I added some dried lavender along with the cedar to the girls sets.  I chose team sport fabric for one set.  Who doesn’t need a little freshening up in their sneakers?

Buy a huge bag of cedar chips at the feed store or the hardware store.  It cost about $3.50 and fills oodles of shoe inserts or make some closet sachets.  They draw the moisture out of the worn shoes, the cedar is natural and keeps little bugs from coming to live.

Take a minute to check if your Mr. Right needs new shoe laces, needs new insoles.  We live in a climate where we have to remove moisture from closets, I double-check on that as well.  We celebrate Socktober.  That is when we toss old, worn socks and replace with new.

One thing that doesn’t make the cover of Bride magazines, taking care of your spouse is a way of showing your love.  Yes, even taking care of the other person’s feet.  No, it is not glamorous.  No, it doesn’t make face book.  Taking care of your spouse helps take care of you.  duh

If you don’t live with an old Army guy (who happens to do an amazing job at shining all our shoes and boots), take a couple pairs to the cobbler and have them shined.  Donate or toss the old not worn shoes.  Make the effort.  Make it a priority.

20150121_154105While getting ready in the morning, I spend at least 10 minutes rubbing coconut oil and essential oils all over my tootsies.  I am worth it.  I am worth healthy feet.  They have to get me around all day.   Let me ask you, who doesn’t want to slip between those cool, clean sheets with happy, smooth, healthy feet?

For the past couple years, I have skipped the salon pedicures.  I have been avoiding germs as much as possible.  So I make an effort to do a pedicure twice a month at home.

Who wants to dance, dance, dance, walk the dog, bike 5 miles and then wear kick ass cowgirl boots and not have amazing feeling feet?

We are in this together, here’s to our health and wellness!

dance on, my friend, dance on!


8 thoughts on “love heels

  1. Loved reading your blog. I totally agree, we must take care of our spouse, even their feet. 🙂

    Hey, where did you buy the socks? I would like to buy a pair, but I have never seen them around here. Well, truthfully, I don’t go shopping in every store, so I couldn’t tell you if “no one” sells them around here, haha lol. Do these socks have a retail name I can use for search them out?

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Good news, I bought them on the internet. I am not a “go store to store” shopping girl. has them for 9.50 however, there are oodles of places and oodles of prices out there. Just google reflexology socks and you will be on your way.
      In this together,
      Here’s to our health and wellness!

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