we need to talk

20150125_111133Okay, maybe “we” don’t need to talk.  I feel the need to get a bunch of stuff off my shoulders.  So, I will talk, you can pour yourself a warm beverage and I will chatter away.

Here we go:

I forgot how much I LOVE the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair”.  Yes, there are a couple of adult scenes, so put the kids to bed, make some popcorn, and settle in for a good movie.  Very entertaining, even if they don’t blow anything up.  (action movies are my all time favorite) .  May I just say, the dress for dancing that Renee wore in the movie…swoon.  So beautiful.  (I know, didn’t think you would hear me, Miss Daleen say that she loved such a saucy dress, haha, tricked you!)

Shave Secret.  It works.  It is under $4.00 and does not contain any nasty chemicals.  Your Mr. Right will LOVE it.  You are watching out for shave secretyour Mr. Right and what products he uses, right?

MEASURE YOUR MEASURING CUPS PEOPLE.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I have been using inferior measuring cups for 20 years.  I checked them.  THEY DON’T MEASURE CORRECTLY.   Really?  I ask you…………..how on earth is that helpful?  THROW THEM AWAY.  SPEND the money, buy new ACCURATE measuring cups. Geesh. 20150126_092839

20150124_133339KIKU apples.  5 Red stars.  Get it?  Red stars for the red apple?  Suggested by son #1.  He loves the darn things.  Okay, I bit.  Get it?  Sweet, juicy, firm.  Sort of reminds me of an apple you would eat at your Grandma’s house while waiting for supper.  Wait, I am a grandma!  Okay, I will have them available.  I paid $1.11 for one apple.  It was the first place I found them.  No, I have not shopped around.  The red skin of the apple is a great choice for oodles of good nutrition.  I will have 1/2 an apple with some almond butter for a snack this after noon.

Years and years ago, while listening to Susan Powter on the radio, she once said, look around the grocery store.  If you can’t figure out healthy stuff to buy, find someone with great posture, beautiful hair, a good spirit, in excellent shape and moving with a purpose.  Buy what she is buying.    Saturday, while waiting in line at the grocery store, I was trying to be patient and wait my turn.  I saw a rather sad-looking, unhealthy gal in the line next to me.  I glanced a couple of times in her cart.  Get this, I could not eat or drink one thing in her cart.  Okay, reverse that.  I choose not to eat or drink one thing she was buying:  white bread, boxed muffin mix, cubes of soda, BBQ sauce in a bottle, salad dressing, meat, milk, go-gurt, boxed cereal, frozen lasagna, frozen Eggo waffles, Valentine candy in a bag and hand lotion.  Nope, not even the hand lotion.   There are some nasty chemicals and sugars hiding in oodles of things at our local grocery store.   Was I judging?  Yes.  We all judge other’s pathway.  The secret is to not let on that you are judging.  Refocus back on yourself.  Work on making good choices for you and your family.  Send a little good Karma to that person and share a smile.   moving on. You have no idea what battle she is fighting.

It was 62* in our neck of the woods yesterday.  We opened every single window in our home.  Good bye nasty germs, hello fresher air.  It was way past time for a little fresh air.

Just completed John Sandford’s latest book “Field of Prey”.  Murder mystery, deeply disturbing…………..total escape.  I would highly recommend.  If you want to escape for an hour or two a day……….this is your magic carpet ride.   If 23 dead bodies is too much for you and would keep you awake at night, you may consider skipping this one. He is a very descriptive writer.  well done.

Today’ I am making little gift tags for Valentine gifts.  I promise to share the results.  I spent $2.99, less a coupon on the clay, so it is an inexpensive craft and you can make them in 30 minutes.  woohoo.20150126_092742

I would enjoy hearing from you. Please share any great “finds”.

We are in this together.

Here’s to our good health and wellness!




6 thoughts on “we need to talk

  1. It has been snowing snowing snowing here since yesterday. Feels like six inches on the ground and thankfully, I no longer have to drive 50 miles round trip for work!
    Where did you get the Shave Secret?
    (Love this snappy Monday post!)

  2. You are absolutely right about measuring cups! I’ve been telling people this for a while! I’m so glad some one else agrees with me!! Thank you. Haven’t tried the apples yet but as soon as they come our way, I will.

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