moss & murder

My brother & sister-in-law (let me stop right there, I sort of dislike the “in law” thing, who invented it?  sounds cold, distant, legal)  Regrouping, our “best friends” live in Vermont.  Yesterday, it warmed up to 4 degrees.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Below zero temperatures are more the normal for them this time of year.  ouch.

Son #2 lives in Southern California.  The place where it “never rains in Southern California”.  Last night he had to take a detour home, because the roads were flooded.

Our niece lives near Boston.  I don’t need to explain the weather she is dealing with.  Because she lives in a basement apartment, all she can see out her windows is white.  The windows are completely covered in white.  They have predicted, you guessed it more snow.


moss 3As you know I live in the western part of Washington state.  While we deal with mold, dampness and musty closets………….we have no snow to play in or to photograph.  Everything is soggy and moss is growing to beat the band.  (whatever the heck that saying means)

Sunday, we had 65* and sunshine.  We opened every single window and door in our home.  Good by bad germs, hello fresh air.  Now, before you get your panties in a knot, as I was pressure washing our deck, I forgot that the sliding door was open. The screen was closed, to allow all that fresh air in and keep the chickens out.  ………… I will wait a moment while you giggle and guess what the carpet looks like inside our home.  Geesh.

Note to self:  close sliding door prior to pressure washing deck.

Now, don’t get all fussy about the 65*.  It is gone.  It was only a taste of spring to come. moss 2

I adore the winter.  I am a winter girl.  Well, the Pacific Northwest Winter kind of girl.  We can drive to the snow.  We can play and ski and snow shoe within an hour of our home.  We actually get a day or two a year of snow.  Yes, we own a snow shovel.  It is out in the backyard shed.  It doesn’t get much play time.

Today, I am wearing “Life is Good” socks.  Beautiful color, cozy warmth, perfect for around the house.

I love the kind of winter days that keeps you indoors to create and dance around to music and cross stitch.  I like biking 5 miles indoors.

I love to spend time cooking and sewing.  I adore getting chores done, work done, dinner prepared ahead then spend 3 or 4 hours in the sewing room quilting and creating.

I am thankful that I am learning to appreciate and value and be thankful for time spent at home.  I am learning to appreciate the value of creating and breathing and not running to the next thing.  I don’t have to be going and doing all the time.  I know, our society puts some sort of bizarre kudos on the person who is driving here and there, running from one thing to another.  Lots of people seem to think it makes them better people if they are “busy”.

I am getting stronger and healthier every single day.  Part of that is taking the time to breathe and give my body a chance to build its self up.  There is great wisdom in learning to be at peace in my sanctuary.  Learning to be okay with me.  Instead of racing to the next social event, learning to thrive in my own environment.

mossI love to spend time, fussing.  I think my grandpa used to call it “puttering”.   Time well spent to me means…. spending time inside, fluffing and puffing and rearranging our nest.

Yesterday, we had an hour of sunshine.  I felt annoyed.  haha.  I know, I am a weirdo.  Enough sunshine to showcase the dusty coffee table and make me feel guilty if I didn’t go out and breathe it in.

Okay.  Stop everything.  Go walk the dog in the sunshine.  You will feel better.

Well, yes, I did. She typed with a silly smile on her face.

I also put my lawn chair out in the middle of the yard and read my library book for 30 minutes while wearing a short sleeve t-shirt (and pants and socks and sneakers, geesh).   My deeply moss4disturbing, murder mystery thriller book which I love to fall into.    A real who done it.  Nothing better than a good old fashion yarn with murder woven in.

Yes, the one thing I do entirely for myself.  I love to dive into an intense murder mystery.  Pure escape.  I sort of forget my own real life for 2 hours.  Sometimes, the murder is so interesting, I can’t put it down.  I read while biking.  I read while putting on make up.  I read while waiting for the water to boil or onions to caramelize.

I think in my other life, I was an excellent detective.  A stunning tall woman, who wore beautiful deep plum-colored lipstick and really high heels.   I think I would have use the initial W for my middle name.  No name, just a mysterious initial.

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