blow me a kiss

I am one grateful grandma.  Some amazing person with a fabulo-so brain created and invented Skype.

Skype makes it possible for grandmas and papa’s across the land to visit with and see and interact with their grands.

One of the things we have been working on is asking questions that help the conversation.  Questions like, “Did you have fun at the parade today?” yes.  Do nothing to help in the chatting skills department.

We are trying to use questions that help teach conversation and help us enjoy the Skype experience.

What did you have for breakfast?  We had round pancakes.  What shape were your pancakes?

What is a moon pie?  “Well, Grandma Daleen, a moon pie is …… a moon pie!” 

Haha, I love those grands.

We also get kisses blown at the screen.   I can go two or three days on a kiss blown through the computer!

Speaking of smooches, did you notice today is not only Ground Hog day………….6 more weeks of winter…………… but today marks only 12 days until Valentine’s day.

Everyone loves kisses.  period.

Kisses from grands.  yes.

Kisses from dogs.  yes.

Kisses from your kids. yes.

Kisses from your Mr. Right. yes.

20150130_150234On Friday, I made a little something up for Mr. Right to set on his desk today, bright and early Monday morning.

While I am guessing he doesn’t want kisses from his co-workers.  I think the thought is nice.    HAPPY.  That is all, plain and simple.

Share a treat, get a smile.  Then tell someone else, then they get a treat and smile.

Way more Happy all around.

Why not make a treat jar for your Mr. Right?  ( I used a plastic jar and filled with a couple pounds of bubble gum.)

Yes, even if you haven’t traded Valentines for years (and why the heck not?)!  Yes, even if they work from home, or out of a truck or “they never share things like that” or you live alone….. then make one for your desk or share a jar of Happy with your favorite hair dresser or the lady who sells raw honey.

Just maybe, by you or your Mr. Right sharing a treat, there will be more HAPPY to share?

Then you or your special someone will come home being more HAPPY.

What a novel idea.

Share HAPPY.

Receive HAPPY.

makes me smile.




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