cheeky soup for the soul

Before you pour yourself a warm beverage and sit down to read this post, I am asking you before hand, if you continue reading, I would ADORE your kind, positive, uplifting comments. Thank you in advance.

I may have over done the errands this morning.  At my second to last stop, I thought, soup.  Yes, homemade soup sounds perfect for supper.

You all know I try and have 6-12 cups of homemade veggie and organic chicken broth in our freezer.  Yes, chicken broth.  We don’t normally eat meat, however, once in a while that slow simmered, healing broth made from the bones, does wonders for one’s being.  Ask any Grandma out there.

I knew I was all out.  sigh.

One trick to healing and eating well is timing. It seems as though you must plan ahead, always.  I try and always have broth and supplies to make all kinds of dishes.  Fast food only happens when you make the effort ahead of time.

I was not up to making broth today.  I thought, HEY, other people buy chicken broth, why can’t I?

After two stores and 8 brands later………….every single box or can of chicken broth contained SUGAR.  Cross my heart, I would not lie to you.

Here are my questions, “Why do the American consumers, need/want sugar in their savory chicken broth?    If you do purchase an organic chicken broth that does not contain sugar, would you please share the brand?  Why does 85% of everything in a grocery store have added sugar?  Do you really want to say, it is only a little bit? Am I the only person out there that does not eat sugar?  Answers please.  Thank you.

I came home and made a veggie broth.

For supper tonight, thanks to a sassy, sharing person over on The Blender Girl, I made Vegan Cheeky Chickpea Rosemary Soup

20150203_133507green onions, tomatoes and chickpeas and oodles of garlic and rosemary all swirled together in a vegetable broth. I tossed in chopped up roasted mushrooms to add another layer of pure flavor.   The recipe is super, duper easy and the aroma is rich and savory.

Say Grace for an amazing home-made, easy soup with NO SUGAR.

I plan on putting big scoops of brown rice in pasta bowls and then ladling on the rich, layers of flavor of my soul renewing, cheeky soup.

We are in this together.

Here’s to our health and wellness (without sugar).



7 thoughts on “cheeky soup for the soul

  1. 6ncounting

    I did go hunting for sugarless broth. Trader Joes carries it, but alas, it also contains…NATURAL CHICKEN FLAVOR, and natural flavor, which we all know what that is, BUT WHAT IN THE HECK IS NATURAL CHICKEN FLAVOR???

    Guess we will be staying away from this box too. LOL!!!


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