the real deal

AW, light bulb moment!  Lightbulb760506You know that moment when you snap your fingers and say “duh” out loud, even when it is just the dog you are talking to?

A couple of days ago, our niece posted a comment on face book:   loves going for breakfast with my wonderful husband when we both have a day off.

I was sharing email with a friend and fellow blogger, she typed the words:  some blogs are difficult to write, this one was not, I LOVE to talk about Jim.

A friend sent a text:  I loved being out-of-town & visiting my grand, however, I can hardly wait to see Scott.

It hit me like a bag full of feathers. (do you own a duvet?  Geesh, that is one heavy bag of feathers!)

No, they did not get “lucky”.  This is something that they have worked on for years and years.  These are people who respect and love each other enough to figure out harmony.

I adore, respect, admire and love rubbing elbows with family and friends that speak kindly and with “school girl crushes” gush about the love of their lives.  Yes, even when and especially when those couples have been together for 20+ , 25+ and 32+ years.  When I hear those casual remarks, I want to stop everything, run out and buy some fluffy pon poms and do a little cheer! Wait, I might need a sassy cheer leading outfit, too.  Nah, I will stick with just the pon poms.

I am not talking about the folks that post pictures of themselves with their significant other, looking perfect, with perfect smiles and wearing the latest fashion at the latest greatest place to be seen.

What I am talking about here is the real deal. 20150212_081730

I love to hear when someone’s crush slips a picture or a note into the book they are reading.  It makes me tingle when I see a card fall out of someone’s lunch box.  I love to be in on the secret.  I love to hear girlfriends say……….I baked him his favorite cobbler, boy won’t he be surprised when he walks in!

Hearing friends just casually mention a sweet thing their favorite person did, melts my heart.  News Flash!  It makes it super fun and happy and swirly for me to share something sweet or lovely that my boyfriend did.  Without sounding like a braggart, when someone shares a sweet bit of goodness, it sort of gives me “permission” to sing the praises of my guy.

I love telling people my favorite moment of the day, the exact moment when I hear the garage door opening, I know Mr. Right is about to walk through that door.  I get a tingle in my stomach.  I feel privileged to hear others share their favorite moment of the day.

When I hear people talk poorly or relate a blunder that “their choice” made, it hurts my heart.

Believe it or not, I have family and a couple of friends who I have never once heard say an unflattering thing about their significant other.   They live a life in a grateful state.  They give as much as they receive.  They respect each other enough to lift each other up, not tear them down.  They share the goodness.

Speaking well of others, lifts us all to a higher playing field. 

When someone brings home a basket of fresh figs (even though they detest figs) may heart does a little jig.  I want to tell the world.

That moment you notice that someone polished the shower curtain rod and got all the tough water spots off, you breathe and smile.  I want to say to my girlfriend, guess what I stumbled upon?

When someone in my circle speaks well of their choice, it makes me all warm and mushy inside.

I adore those casual remarks about mushy love.  Yes, “mushy love” can be filling the car with gas, so you have a full tank tomorrow in case you want to go somewhere.

For the last two weeks, each morning, when I find my letter, penned by Mr. Right, there has been a heart-shaped jewel sticker somewhere on the page.  Really?  Where and when did my tough old Army guy go out and buy pink and red, heart-shaped jewel stickers?  Makes me smile.

You have one day left……………CHOP, CHOP CHARLIE!………make a Valentine, buy a Valentine card.  Seriously, do it.  Just do it.  You must have a special someone, who melts your heart & you want to give a sweet card to?  You must have a girlfriend you want to give a happy, cheerful Valentine to?  Please tell me, in all the hustle and bustle of life you have made time to cultivate really great relationships that you want to celebrate?


Happy Valentine’s Day.  Here’s to the real deal!20150212_100855






7 thoughts on “the real deal

  1. Mrs. Right, this is such a beautiful post! It is a tribute to all those good men and the wonderful relationships we cultivate together.
    Jim brought me dark chocolates and a Valentine’s card today. I’m making him a special dinner on Saturday. It’s about the little things that make a marriage special.
    Thanks for a big old smile on my face!
    xo Joanne

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