weekly round-up

Good Friday morning campers!

Weekly round-up. 
Shaking my head to the side, like a swimming getting water out of their ear.  Letting go of all sorts of things, swirling in my noggin.

gingerbreadhouse (1)Yesterday, while I was eating my medicine, I was looking at amazing gingerbread houses.
 Ideas for next year?  possibly.
While I always lean towards gathering all kinds of candy and gumdrops……………maybe I should think…………..
hey, why don’t we use granola for the stone work?  Jeepers, this is an amazing house.
Last night, we heard coyotes singing their song.  Double checked the chicken coop door and left more lights on.
This is day five of my intense magnesium study.  Blowing my mind.  Learning so much in such a short amount of time.
I am spending 2-3 hours of study a day.  I noticed all my brain power is going in that direction………not so many blog posts.
In addition to my biking and rebounding………fitting in more afternoon walks.  smiling.
Yesterday, while on our walk, I found a leaf.  A friend called it an angel wing.  I took a picture. 20150212_163655
This week I collected 2 eggs.  After several weeks of “rest” & regrouping, fingers crossed we are back in the egg business.
While waiting for some magnesium chloride to soak in this morning, I circled back and looked at some previous notes of health and wellness.
Yes folks, fluoride is still poisonous to the human body.  Over time, it still causes cancer.  As nice as many old dentists are, no, it does not cure dental issues. Yes, some towns in America are still putting it in their water supply.  sigh.   How to fix in your own world?  Use toothpaste with no fluoride.  Just say , no thank you to the fluoride service when visiting a dental office.  Install a high quality water filtration system in your home.  duh
moving on.
Yesterday, I learned to exchange the words “mad, angry, frustrated” with the word responsibility.  Instead of being all those things at
medical personal that didn’t help me or share with me or teach me………..I have changed that into …………..it is my responsibility to learn to find health for me.
Such a relief off my shoulders.   It’s called giving myself some Grace & Mercy.  It feels lighter not to blame everyone else anymore.
This week, the study time has gotten a bit intense.  Yes, while learning so much, my brain feels “tight”.  haha
I am putting down the book & note taking after one hour today. Yes, I am setting the kitchen timer.
I am headed to the sewing room to work on my BEE HAPPY quilt.
I am craving/needing a little creative fun.
Tonight, son #1 and daughter in law are going to their first Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball.  So tickled for them.  I hope they have the time of their lives.
The fabric for the gown and costume look wonderful.  Their masks amazing,  fingers cross for pictures!
Yesterday, a friend’s son broke his leg in three places.  Jimminie Cricket!  Sending good healing karma his way.  Also, gathering several jig saw puzzles and mailing them to him.
Grand #3 explored the world without his mom during the day.  He survived, he thrived, the parents are emotionally exhausted and deserve the weekend ahead of them.  Growth is tough.
A friend is anxiously awaiting her second grand.  She found out names and is swirling them in her brain.
She also has decided to share three or four photographs a week on face book.  Putting yourself out there is brave.  Life is good.
Niece spent part of the week buried under piles of snow……….only to come out and look defeat in the face, inside the courtroom.  Back to the drawing board. Regrouping is always tough.
A friend walked through an extremely tough week of less than stellar health.  Sending gobs and gobs of good karma her way.
So, earlier this morning, still , damp, chilly and a bit eerie with the fog swirling around me………..I stepped outside.  Turned off the light that illuminates our flag, I brought in the garbage can………….then gingerly go look for the chickens, I am listening for their chatter…………… Yippee!  They were fine.
I took a deep cleansing breath………...choked and laughed out loud.
All the hours I spend on learning, researching, exercise, drinking juice, trying to live a healthy life………
Not one but two men, neighbors on either side of our home, were standing outside smoking.  Apparently, they are not allowed to smoke in their own homes, so they are outside, puffing away.    Seriously?
No, I did not offer them a copy of all my notes on disease and how to live a healthy life.
I just filled the feeder with peanuts for the Stellers Jays.
To celebrate living through the night, I gave the chickens some meal worms.
I turned and walked back into the house.
Filled Liberty’s water dish with fresh filtered water.
I cut up a whole bunch of raw bok choy to enjoy with my breakfast. 20150210_081543
I lift up my morning juice and celebrate all our differences.
BFC C1975 Boxing ring centered in Coliseum. Circa 1930Sort of feels like I was a boxer, fighting all week.
AH, the weekend is upon us………….we bounce over to our corners to regroup.
People are funny.
Life is good.
I am grateful.

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