The Thank You note is in the mail this morning.

For the second time in 34 years, Mr. Right and I went out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.

We went out one time, while dating.  To be honest, I don’t really remember the dinner out.  I am guessing I had googly eyes for my date and was worried I would spill.   I was always worried I would spill.  Heck, I still worry if I might spill.  Now that I think about it, I don’t think anyone ever broke up with someone because they spilled?

Dining out on Saturday was a treat.


We dressed for the occasion.  Mr. Right washed & detailed the car.  It was a real date.  We talked about it and anticipated it all day long.

There was a special holiday menu.  The restaurant had been closed for a couple of hours that day to prepare and decorate. They brought in festive table cloths, made a special printed menu, strung hearts above and rose petals were tossed about.  Silver trays of chocolate dipped strawberries were there to greet you and were brought to each table.

It was a meal that was over the top scrumptious.  lady and the trampWhile we could have chosen spaghetti served with one meatball on top and two loose ends of pasta draped over either side of the plate to share……….. I chose lasagna.  I have not had it for a long, long time.  Let me just say, that the word lasagna was elevated to a new level.  Hand made paper-thin pasta with caramelized onions and mushrooms and spinach all tucked in and somehow dressed with a magical sauce that danced with my taste buds and made beautiful savory music.

The service was top of the line.  They were attentive and took their time with each patron.  Somehow on one of the busiest days in the life of a the restaurateur,  we were made to feel as though were of utmost importance to them.  One of the owners came to our table and asked if all was well.  He was kind and calm, didn’t appear to be rushed at all.   Somehow, in all the things swirling in his head….. food, turning over tables, reservations, extra wait staff, and more that we will never know……….he seemed genuinely pleased we chose his establishment to celebrate the day.

When out to a fine meal, I try my hardest to stay focused.  We focus on each other.  The meal.  The atmosphere.   Sure, a quick glance around the room, and we saw a family with three little girls all dressed up, using their best manners and their tights had hearts fluttering all over them.  Of course extra tables for two were the main focus, two tables of four right near us as well.  Not a romantic meal for the four, more of a fun celebration.  One table for two, with a pretty young girl looking anxious.

After 20 minutes her date did indeed arrive.  Although most likely my imagination, a collective sigh when her date showed up.  All is well.   They were over my right shoulder, so I did not follow them.  Until Mr. Right said to me, in a whisper, she deserves better.  I took a quick look.  She was leaning forward, smiling, all dressed up and gazing into his face.  He was looking at and texting on his cell phone.  She was smiling.  He was busy.

Once a very crass radio talk show host, on several occasions, said something like, if your dinner date takes out their phone, they are looking for something better.  Do yourself a favor and leave.

I took a moment out of my fine meal and ESP’ed to that pretty young woman, YOU ARE WORTH MORE.  Yes, it is Valentine’s Day.  YOU CAN DO BETTER. You alone are better.   Stand up, politely lay your napkin down, thank the owner for the meal and walk out with your head up.   This would make a great blog post if she did what I was secretly urging her to do…….……….She didn’t hear me.  She decided that being with someone, even though that person was not WITH HER, was more important than her self-worth.   It is all about our choices.

I cannot show you a picture of our food or the perfect little hearts cut out of beets that were tucked onto our salad plates.  I cannot show you the heart-shaped ravioli that was placed perfectly along side Mr. Right’s main course choice.


Because our cell phones were left, locked in the glove compartment of our car.  We chose to be with each other.  There was nothing more important to either of us.

It is a family owned business.  A business.  Simply put, they offer a service and product and we pay.  Mr. Right paid the bill and left a very generous tip.  We said our thank you’s to the waitress and the owner.  We asked that they thank the chef for us.   We each held up and completed the business portion of the evening.

thank youThen, GASP, we wrote a thank you note and it was mailed this morning. 

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually write a thank you note for a fine service/product you received.  Sending a proper thank you note is not part of the business deal.

We chose to make it part of our fine meal.

The perfect way to bathe ourselves and others in Grace.

A lovely way to end a celebration.




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  1. Wow, this is so beautiful. From the whole extra special detailing of the car, to your delicious description of the lasagna, I was there. What a wonderful date.
    As for the young lady seated near you, hopefully she will wake up soon.
    And the thank you note- a lovely touch that I’m sure that restaurant staff will hang up in the kitchen, for all employees to see.
    Love you,

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