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“When hospitality is at it’s highest level, you feel cared for and fed beyond your belly.  The food, hardly incidental, becomes the vehicle for care.”  Recently, I read those words on the blog, “Goodness, Grace & Grub”.  Note to self:  Do yourself a favor and go visit.  The blog is well written, insightful and always filled with goodness.

Those words have been swirling in my mind.  While the blogger was speaking of eating out, I twirled it around and decided that it could also be speaking of the dining room table in our homes.

I looked up the word hospitality.

To the Greek people – hospitality was a right.

The Celtic people – the concept of hospitality was valued in terms of protection.

The Jewish people – think in terms of nourishment, comfort and entertainment.


noun, plural hospitalities.

the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.

the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.
20150213_180728How about if we also allow for friendly treatment of our family?  What if we were to think of entertaining our family every single time we put a meal on the table?  What if we have all been looking for “our calling” and it was right in front of us all along?  For goodness sakes, what if we have to answer for how we served our families and loved ones?
What if our calling or mission was to protect our loved ones and nourish them with food and love and a respite from that big ol’ nasty world outside?  If we asked our family or loved ones a question would we like the answer?
Do you feel cared for and protected and nourished when you leave our table?  Which would you choose, a meal out or a meal at home?
Am I using our best china?  Am I setting an interesting, welcoming table?  Do I take the time to make sure the people at my table feel well cared for? 20150220_155936 Do I plan ahead and prepare a meal that is nourishing and of the utmost quality?
I try.  Oh, I really try.  I accomplish this at least 5 or 6 nights a week.  I will come clean and admit to looking forward to some Saturday nights out for a well prepared Sushi meal or handmade pasta.  I adore enjoying a meal that is thoughtfully prepared, I didn’t have to cook it and I don’t have to help do the dishes.
Some mornings, I prepare the vegetables for what is to become dinner later.  Sometimes, I only have fresh apple cider to build a meal around.  On occasion, I get out the fish-shaped plates and build a supper around those.  20150223_101857Other times, I have chosen a long, lush stem of dill for the garnish and then make the salmon cakes and homemade tartar sauce to go along.20150218_174951
I have placed high expectations on the evening meals during the week.  My family and I are very much worth the effort, skill and time.
Not only do I want to offer a healthy, well planned meal, set on plates that highlight the food, I want my family, guests and myself to be fed beyond our bellies.
May all be fed.
ps.  What’s cookin’ in your neck of the woods?

2 thoughts on “belly full

  1. I have cooked every night this week! I truly love to plan meals and take my time. My favorite dish is broiled salmon with asparagus or brussel sprouts.
    I love how you mentioned the Greeks and their view of hospitality. I grew up watching my grandmother, mother and aunts be the epitome of a good hostess. I learned from the best.
    Hopefully, I’ve taught my kids as well. I do believe they are very good at having guests and entertaining.
    Love this post!
    xo Joanne

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