The question swirling around our house and discussion among our friends…………If you could magically make it happen, Who would you have dinner with? 

Place cards need to be made for the following people:

Thomas Jefferson, Julia Child,  Benjamin Netanyahu, Beethoven, Harry Truman, Henri Matisse, Mike Rowe,  Billy Graham,  George S. Patton,  Amelia Earhart, King David, Renoir, Wallace Simpson, John Wesley, Cher, Johanna Budwig, Carrie Walton Penner….

The list will go on, as will the discussion.  We will think of a name while on a walk or in the shower.  Of course, for this 870th blog post, after I hit the publish button, I will instantly remember a name I wanted to add to the mix.  Certainly, each name brings with it lively and interesting conversation.

There is nothing more satisfying than a wonderful meal & lively discussion, over coffee and homemade pie,  that lasts well into the evening.

I will have to make a 3×5 card for each person.  I have oodles of questions to ask.

Do you have a list for dinner companions you would enjoy?


Second Topic for today:

20150226_215934Who wants an Owl Dress?

Grand number 2 asked me very politely if I would make an owl dress for her birthday.  This Grandma got right to work.  When your sweet Grand asks for an umbrella and an owl dress for her presents……….she came to the right Grandma!

The dress is complete. (& the umbrella and boots with owls are purchased)  The dress is fully lined.  Now, I know she may not understand that, as a friend said, she will appreciate how nice it feels to wear.  I adore the material that her mom found.  Owls with umbrella’s.  Who wouldn’t 20150226_215929like that??

Of course, the last thing I did was sew the jingle bell inside the dress.  Who wouldn’t want to jump, dance, squirm and wiggle to make the bell jingle? 20150226_215951


Third Topic for today:

Who wants a cracker?

20150226_131801 (1)I purchased a mini cookie cutter.  I took a picture on a post it note to show the size.  I am making crackers for my grands!!!!  No, I don’t use dyes or chemicals.  Yes, I know it is going to take a long time to cut out each fish.  My grand children are worth it.


Fourth Topic for today:   Who has a brand new, amazingly large, pig-tastic, coffee mug?  I do!



Fifth Topic for today:

Who has the best Sister in Law in the land?  Me, that’s who!

Since she received a little gift in the mail this week, I can share.  Vermont has been dancing with cold and snow…………brrrrr for what seems like forever.  I wanted to make her a little something to brighten her spirits and warm her heart & soul.  (hand made gifts do that) Since she makes the best pies in the20150211_080519 (1) whole world, I chose to embroider a dish towel with a pie and cherries.20150211_080512

Now, Who wants coffee with their pie?

9 thoughts on “who?

  1. You and Bruce would definitely be on my list of who to have dinner with. 🙂
    And, my favorite author, Anne Lamott, would be there as well.
    I would probably make grilled fish and veges for dinner. Something chocolate for dessert.
    It would be a grand time.
    xo Joanne

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