Sometimes it is difficult for me to do something 33 days in a row.  Heck, 33 minutes on the exercise bike is tricky some days.

The idea of celebrating being married for 33 years is a big deal.  Happy 33rd Anniversary…………Jazz hands & dancing, big deal! 

Mr. Right is………as Goldilocks would say: just right.

I jotted down 33 reasons I want to stick around for another 33: 

Mr. Right writes me a letter every single morning.  With stickers and drawings.33.1

He makes a mean cup of coffee.

Raised two amazing boys.

isn’t grumpy & always says yes, when I wake him up at 3:45 in the morning and ask are you awake?

Brings me flowers every Sunday.

Makes juice for me every single day.

listens with interest when I suggest hair brained ideas and then………jumps on board.

Best Papa to three little short people I know! (Best read aloud person I know.)

plans the next vacation, when we are grumpy and sad ending the last vacation

Mr. Right is well-educated but never makes you feel like you are less.

He always over tips a breakfast waitress.

always uses gift wrap and ribbons when he gives me surprise gifts

still takes my breath away when he wears Levis.

Makes me bring my “A” game when playing board games.33

He is patriotic.

If there is one piece of anything we cut in half, he always gives me the bigger half.

He never fails to listen to friends, co-workers, family when they call with a problem.

Mr. Right is most kind, compassionate and educated dog owner you will ever meet.  He loves animals.

He has never once complained about how much money goes into the monthly “hair beauty” envelope.

He has just as long of a friendly conversation with the hotel owner as he does with the maid in the elevator.

He loves “honey-dew” lists.  (and completes them!)

He is honest.

Never tells the daughter in-laws, no.

Makes the best waffles in all the land.  And he empties the dishwasher every morning.

He is always researching, studying, learning something….. every single day.33.3

Tells me my new make up is the perfect eye shadow color (even when it is new foundation that I was wearing)

He never once grumbles when I go over my phone minutes.

He gives me oodles of space to grow and explore and do things on my own. Then asks about my projects. (and asks questions and looks interested even if he is not)

Mr. Right never rolls his eyes when he sees my “fluffy and joyful” suitcase spilling out all over & with his is next to mine, neat & tidy and pressed & orderly.

My boyfriend doesn’t eat sugar or dairy or gobs of gluten…….. and on the list goes,  because I can’t.

He needs me, for that I am very grateful.

He does the “boy things”.  Bury and have funerals for dead birds, he makes sure the car is in tip-top shape & always has gas, he takes the garbage out every night…..

20140802_142253Mr. Right never lets me forget that he loves me.

 He is easy to love right back.  

Man, I love that guy.







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