hold please

20150324_125915We skipped out-of-town for a few days.

Oh sure, I sent a couple of post cards and ate too much and of course bought a souvenir, just not a long vacation where you stop the mail and fret over outfits or need to recover from a vacation. Only four hours away.  Easy peasy.

The length of vacation where the laundry can be caught up on the night you return.

The kind of get away where the main goal is to relax and breathe.

You know?  Like when you call the Blendtec company to discuss a worn gasket and you are instantly placed on hold.  You didn’t really plan to be on hold, so you twirl your hair, doodle a bit, hop on the exercise bike and peddle a bit.  You know?  “Hold Please.  You are important to us.  We will talk to you soon.”

20150325_130217So for a few days we goofed off.  We were on hold. 20150325_102850

We tried a new to us restaurant. We will be going back.  Tasty!

We walked on the beach.

We played Scrabble.  (I won, girls rule………..sh, I don’t want to be too boastful.  I feel a rematch coming on.)

20150325_103040-1We drank fresh roasted coffee.

We talked and talked.

We laughed.

We met new dogs.

We saw 7 Bald Eagles!

We saw a pair of Swans just sitting in a pond.

We spotted a huge bunny.

We ate 3/4 of a crab pizza. It was amazing.

We drew squiggly lines in the sand.

We got wet in the rain.

We saw oodles and oodles of skunk cabbage.
skunk cabbage, oregon

20150325_102014We did the stuff you do when you are on hold.

We goofed off.

Sometimes, we have to gently remind ourselves to do nothing of great importance.

Not great importance, however of such great value.

Once in a while it does our souls good to step away and pause for a moment or two.

hold please.


When was the last time you pressed the “hold, please” button?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!! I need to press hold right about now!!!! And the ocean…oh I am so envious! Plus it looks warm and right now it’s snowing here, AGAIN 😉

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