grateful for dog hair

Are you a list person?

Quite often, I write notes to myself.

Buy pears.  Make birthday card.  Order dried white mulberries.  Pay $1.04 library fine.  Buy Bigger gratitude jar.

On New Years Eve, we dumped out the slips of paper from last year’s jar and read all the things we were grateful for.  At the beginning of the New Year, we started over with an empty grateful jar.

Being much more aware of things to be grateful for…..the jar ended up being too small.  Now, THAT is a great problem to have in April!

Making room for gobs more, we bought a big enough jar so that we could fill it up with oodles of stuff we are thankful for.

Of course we write down the obvious things we are thankful for:

healthy, happy Grandchildren (times 3)

healthy, adult children

fresh bouquet of flowers



healthy dog



If you happen to be with us on New Years eve 2015, you will get to hear all the things we are grateful for.

To you, the words might be somewhat odd;

vacuuming  (then spent 20 minutes cutting thread and dog hair from the rotating brush on the bottom)

making bed

shook bathroom rug

washing windows

taking out garbage

money (to buy all the vegetables & fruit & vitamins & supplements and books & magnesium salt & a rebounder & a bike & and on and on the list goes of things that help you get healthy, but “health” insurance does not pay for)

Secret:  You cannot heal from anything without being grateful for every thing.  You’re welcome for that.

Here’s the thing, once you have been really sick, I mean really sick….the ability to accomplish Monday morning chores, all by yourself is an amazing thing to be GRATEFUL for.

Who knew I would be grateful to take out the garbage?  ha

Can you start a brand new grateful jar in April?  Only if you have things you want to write down that you are grateful for.

You might want to start out with an old mayonnaise jar.

I highly recommend you think BIG.  Buy a BIG ASS  (yes, I said that) jar and start filling it up.

We are in this together. 20150420_122154-1

Here’s to all the things to be grateful for.

And yes Virginia, there is always, something to be grateful for.

2 thoughts on “grateful for dog hair

  1. All such wonderful things to be grateful for. I know about cutting lots of hair from the roller on the vacuum. 🙂
    I have no doubt you will fill up that gratitude jar!
    xo Joanne

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