grand new job

When people ask me what I “do”.  I always say, I am a Mom.  What do you do?

They politely giggle and say, no what do you really “do”.

That is what I really do.

To be honest, my days are no longer filled with BASKETS of laundry.  I don’t step on Match box cars or Legos.  I don’t have to answer the daily question “is there anything to eat”?   I no longer have to read one more book aloud about dinosaurs, motorcycles, rocks or bugs.  I have not had to go ask someone to pick up a wet towel off the bathroom floor in years.  I have not spent one moment of a lovely dinner gently correcting someone’s table manners.  I have not spent one minute teaching fractions, geometry or algebra to a young person living in our home.  Nor have I had to correct punctuation on a paragraph about robots. I have not spent one hour of my time lately looking for ___________________.  (a backpack, shoe, whistle, purple & white marble, lucky baseball hat, etc)  I have not been back to the hardware store to have house key number 8 made.  Gosh, there are a lot of our house keys out there somewhere.   I am no longer on a first name basis with the eyeglass repairman.  You will not find me, every Wednesday in the orthodontist waiting room for 10 minutes while someone’s retainer is adjusted.

Just what do I do with all my free time, now? 20150423_075756

So nice of you to ask.

I order surprises for Grands.  I buy & write books for Grands.  I send postcards to Grands.  I make birthday gifts ahead of time for Grands.  I talk on Skype with the Grands. I plan stuff for Grands.   I look at pictures of Grands.  I frame pictures of Grands.  I buy funny straws for Grands.

20150422_202159-1Why just yesterday, I spent most of the day making hair bows for Grands.  Yes, yes, that is a hair bow with corn on the cob.  Geesh.  One grandgirlie loves corn on the cob.  Of course I would make a hair bow just for her.  20150423_075824

I am excellent at my grand new job.

Have I mentioned lately, what a lucky girl I am?

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