wafflewiches for one

I do enjoy a good fluffy waffle.

Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free waffle mix base, Mr. Right swirls the recipe to his liking and TA-DA……..perfect waffles every time.

If you have a bunch of people in your home (read that as hungry, hungry teenagers) you most likely double the recipe for a morning breakfast.

However, if you are like Mr. Right and I, we each eat 1 or 1 1/2 one waffles.

The dreaded left over Empty Nest batter issue!  This is a HUGE issue.  Why just yesterday I ran across an article about left over batter and how to get more vegetables into our diets.  This is big news!  

Usually, the lucky dog gets the one left over half. Now, what to do with all that left over batter?  The idea of so much left over batter almost stops you from making the whole batch to begin with.  Nobody wants to waste that much batter.

20150503_083315Once breakfast is over & before you put that waffle iron away,  grate a small zucchini, a carrot & a half of onion right into the left over batter.  Add salt and pepper & Italian seasoning mix.  You can even add a 1/2 cup shredded good quality European Cheddar cheese. Sometimes, I go hog-wild and put in a shake of poppy seeds!  I mix it well and continue making waffles.

This time, they come out all filled with savory goodness.  I use up all the remaining batter.

Let cool. 20150503_093433

Then wrap in wax paper and stack them all in a container in the freezer.

Today, around 3:30 when I am supposed to have a snack. Aren’t we are all suppose to have a snack in the afternoon?   I get out my green juice and pop a wafflewich into the toaster. I choose a jaunty straw for my juice as I wait for the toaster to create some magic.

20150503_093126Hello my toasty, savory, warm vegetable smelling beauty!   The savory scent of seasoning and the little tiny pieces of toasted & melted cheese grab you and start your mouth-watering before you even take a bite.

Here’s to our good health!

What’s your savory snack look like today?

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