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20150508_115702We have all spent oodles of money in lotions & potions shops with shelves covering walls and wooden counters laden with lush bath bombs, slabs of colors and scents.  Baskets overflowing with glitter infused chunks of girlie potions catch our eyes.  Dried herbs and bits of flowers are sticking out of rectangles and squares and glitter is somehow “magically” pressed into the secret potions. Sparkles dance in the light and remind us of sprinkles on the tops of lush cupcakes and confections.  Just being in the shop our senses are overwhelmed.  We all come with a fist full of dollars ready to trade & be enveloped in colors and scents and the feeling of glitz and glamour.   We all end up buying two or three to satiate the craving to buy something beautiful with the hope of a luxurious bath to come.  Sometimes, we don’t remember to buy for ourselves, instead we purchase two flower shapes with sparkles & glitter frosting the petals, with the thought of giving to a friend whose spirit needs lifting.

In real life, when you choose to give up chemicals, in the world of girlie products, that means you no longer can buy or bathe in lotions and potions that are harmful to your skin and well-being.   While you can find a treat here or there, most contain harmful chemicals that are on the “glamour don’t” list.

We can still have great music and spotless spa like bathrooms to indulge our spirits.  We can find amazing beeswax candles to set the mood.  Where do we find flirty fancy fizzies that make us feel all girlie and sweet?

We make them, silly!

Healthy girls can have Flirty Fancy Fizzies with sparkles and scents and dried bits of flower petals. Oh yes we can!  We can make as many as we want and then some.  We can stack a cake plate to overflowing with colors and scents.  We can fill big chunky glass jars with snowballs glistening with glitter and crystals. We can tie two or three with wide satin purple ribbons, much too long for their clear crinkle bags.  We can have stacks and stacks ready to give away and share.

Just because you choose not to use harsh chemicals to bathe in, doesn’t mean you must have plain, boring, dull baths.

Let’s put on our gloves (yes please, buy a pair of latex gloves that you will keep just for this craft project).  Speaking as a girl who tried to make these once without the gloves…..who knew we each had teeny tiny cuts or booboos on our hands that once citric acid was dusted over created a situation that was not pleasant?  OUCHIE.  BUY the gloves.  Seriously.

You will need a pair of gloves (think dollar store), citric acid, baking soda, essential oils, dried herbs or flowers, sprinkles and cosmetic glitter, Witch Hazel (sprayer bottle) and molds to make your creation (soap, candy or even small muffin tins)  or remember no mold needed when you make the “snowball” shape.

Before I go any further, I have a favorite supply store where I buy all sorts of goodies to make these beauties. They are located in Seattle and also have an excellent online ordering service.

20150507_114956If you are using a mold (remember a mold can be your cupcake pan already in your 20150507_120922kitchen), now is the time to sprinkle in some fancy.  Fancy sprinkles, edible glitter or crystals, dried herbs or flowers.  Sprinkle in before you fill the mold.  This will be the top of your flirty fancy fizzie.  Use your imagination, go big, go FANCY and be creative.  Have fun.  No wrong way to do this.

Mix 1 part citric acid and 2 1/4 parts baking soda.  Add a few drops of essential oil.  Add a few drops of food dye if desired. This is where I usually add 1 teaspoon of cosmetic glitter.  Oh, I love that stuff.  swoon.

Now, with gloves on, spray 20-30 spritz of Witch Hazel.  Mix with hands.  Repeat 3 or 4 more times, 20-30 spritz each time. Mix again with hands.   When mixture starts to stick together, pack firmly into molds.  Use your muscles!  Let set 5-10 minutes.  Remove from molds and let dry on a rack for 24 hours.  20150508_113548

20150508_115702Add a little tag to your creations if you are giving them as gifts.

 One flirty fancy fizzie per bath of pure goodness!

This week I made a couple different “flavors”.20150508_115709

I got sassy with Lemon  and Mint essential oils and I used gold glitter and little bits of fresh mint and I added a touch of soft yellow.

Cranberry and  Mint essential oils danced with pink heart sprinkles and crystals and glitter.

Lemon and Mint again, this time with cupcake sprinkles and dots of goodness.

Then I used some lavender essential oil and I made lavender with bits of dried lavender (that I grew) and added a touch of sugar crystals to the top.

A friend asked if I would share this recipe and teach her how to make these beauties.

20150508_115717In this together Miss Jessica, here’s to our health and wellness!

May all your baths be candle lit, music filled and dreamy.

We are so worth it.

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