turtles, tape and tp

Two words.  Toilet paper.

I read earlier today that our son and daughter in law were “celebrating” (not sure to what extent) that a Costco was finallytp opening today in their neck of the woods.  They were super excited to buy toilet paper at a reasonable price and in large quantities.

Made me giggle a bit.

Did we teach our kids to be grateful?  You bet we did.  We celebrated everything.  I mean it.  We celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.  We celebrated National cheese day (yes, by the way, it is today).  We celebrated the invention of the Ritz cracker.  (buy some, open a sleeve, dump them on the concrete, go barefoot and stomp, stomp, stomp…….such a great feeling. Leave the crumbs for the birds.)  lots of happy right there, folks.  Mr. Right and I made sure as a family we lived a grateful life and celebrated what we had.

 “If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.” 

~Frank A. Clark

To be grateful for the everyday “mundane” things.

toilet paper……I am grateful, ’nuff said on that subject.  Okay, maybe not ’nuff said.  I am grateful for indoor plumbing. The idea of walking outdoors with boots in my pajamas and a coat, carrying a flashlight, nervous and jumping up and down……….yep, grateful.  While traveling in Europe, I collected a square or two from different countries.  Crazy girl that I am.  I sort of liked that the toilet paper in France was pink.  The toilet paper in the Republic of Czechoslovakia was ROUGH.  They sold toilet paper by the single rolls in Poland.  Like I said earlier, ’nuff said.

road bumpsturtles.  No, not the animals. The “turtles” on the freeway.  You KNOW you’ve been saved from sideswiping a car next to you by rattling over those things.

scissors.  I use them for sewing every single day.  I use them in the kitchen.  I use them to get insanely difficult plastic packages open.  I use them to cut out coupons.  I use scissors to cut out felt “food” for my grandgirlies.  (side note:  today, our daughter in law is celebrating left handed scissors.  Yep, today is National Left Handed day!  party on)

garbage collectors.  Yesterday, I was shucking corn right into our yard waste bin.  Between yard clippings, and corn husks and chicken coop straw and on and on………………pretty stinky.  Just think, what the heck would we do with all that if the garbage collector didn’t come around?  Think if they stopped picking up our every day trash?  Okay, sure we could all buy old pick up trucks and drive once a month to the dump.  I don’t want to. I am grateful for garbage collectors.

salt.  Food would be bland, boring, dull.    How would I kill slugs?  How would I brighten my colors in the laundry?  I use salt when boiling eggs so the shells don’t crack.

tape.  Good golly, Miss Molly we use a lot of Scotch tape.   We tape a 10 pound bag of carrots shut each day.  We use tape to wrap packages.  We tape book pages back together.  I used tape to put together a bigger piece of graph paper. For some reason, we go through the tape.  Okay, it might not be life changing, but is sure makes things easier.

clear mind.  After a while, living with brain fog can really tick you off.  I mean it.  It’s the pits.  Then once you start to climb out of the fog, you (by you, I mean me) beat yourself up over not remembering things.  I picked up an embroidery project 20150603_211143last night.  I had forgotten that I started it in 2013.  I am grateful to begin again.  I said stuff like, wow, so pretty.  Wow, you picked out such a nice pattern.  What an ambitious project you started.  I am grateful to be back.  Thinking a bit more clearly each and every day.

20150604_092012-1It’s June folks, half way through the year.  How is your Grateful/Happy jar coming along?  This morning I wrote on a slip of paper ………grateful for almonds soaking to make milk…………..grateful for sprouts drying on a kitchen towel…………..grateful for my dog……………….grateful for coffee………………………

I am learning not to be so hard on myself. I am healing slowly but surely.  One small step at a time.  I am trying not to beat myself up so much.  I work on being happy and grateful for what is on my plate today.

I am mighty grateful for Mr. Right and some friends that are helping me back to the land of the living and thriving and creating.

I am extremely grateful for the small, not OUT LOUD, simple things.

Yep, I am grateful for toilet paper.

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  1. We all have so much to be thankful for that we take for granted. I am vey grateful for my friends and you are very high on that list! Love you Grandma Daleen!!

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