a spoonful of medicine

Everyday, if I glance at the clock and notice it is 11:30 am, I am a tad grumpy.  I know that within the next hour, I have to take my medicine.

I have been doing this for about 2 years.  I am almost an expert at how to trick myself and sort of forget the taste.  It takes me about 8 minutes to prepare and clean up.  Then about 10 minutes to eat it.  I need a diversion.

Here’s the thing.  I have figured out ways to entertain myself so I can quickly inhale all that I have to.

I have a list of funny sites to go to.  I keep a list of hilarious you tube videos.  I save up a brand new quilt magazine or a catalog to thumb through.  I save up an old fashioned letter that I received in the mail.  I save up a really interesting article Mr. Right sent to me.

I save up interesting stories people send and share.  I save them like an old lady saves quilt magazines, with dog earred pages…… I need to make that one day…….  I am not sure I will have time in my life to make all the quilts I want to create.  Jeepers, there are some beauties out there.

Our children help me.  One almost always sends a funny joke along with amazing photos of his latest hike or Jeep trip.

The other guy, talks to me about his latest recipe or food adventure.  Along with a funny joke or silly comic strip.

They both share oodles and oodles pictures of our grands.

How can medicine compete with photographs of grandchildren??? It can’t.

 Grands trump medicine every single time, ha.

I am fortunate to have an amazing line up of friends.

They send me interesting articles or something funny to watch.

I save them.  I save and wait.

Tic Toc

I wait for the magical noon time hour.

Then I open the file and read away.

While I am reading or pursuing great pictures or listening to an amazing TED talk, somehow, the medicine disappears.  I don’t even think about it.

Tomorrow’s line up?

A friend from the East Coast sent several pictures of oodles of quilts that her mother in law has created.

medicine_spoon_628830I feel like a grade school girl giddy with excitement.  You know that moment when you look at the big round school clock on the wall and you know that the recess bell is about to ring in 45 seconds?  Yippee!

No, I don’t peek.

I wait.  I imagine.

I want to open those pictures and savor the moment.  I want to be so absorbed in the amazing stitches, perfectly pieced triangles, 20150817_103735-1-1sumptuous colors……….that I forget all about the medicine.

A gentle suggestion…..

When you have a friend who has to has to take time out of their day to slow down and take some medicine, may I gently suggest you share a funny joke or story?  Your silly story or a suggestion for a silly blog post you read.

Believe me, it is appreciated.

It helps.  It really helps get through the rough, bumpy parts of the process called life.

This is from a very grateful and appreciative girl.

Friends and family help the medicine go down.

ps. can you spot the one mistake block in my Rabbits Paw quilt?  Machine pieced, hand quilted. There is even a bunny I quilted in there somewhere.  This quilt makes me smile every single time I see it.

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