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I have talked about it before.  You know that weird green and white afghan I have in my linen closet?  I wouldn’t part with it for a million dollars.  When someone says, “can you please get me the sick blanket?” everyone in this family knows exactly what blanket they are talking about.

The weird “limey” green colored blanket.  My grandma made it for me.  She made one for each of my sisters and cousins as well.  Each in our favorite color.

I was in love with that limey green color.  My mother was always quick to point out a pretty pastel pink or salmon color.  Isn’t that nice?  Yes. It is nice.  However, it is not lime green.

I was over the moon thrilled when I opened my afghan.  My grandma got me!  My Grandma listened to my choice.  What I chose mattered to my Grandma.   She made what I would like.  One of my sister’s received a bold orange & white afghan.  The other received a shocking purple & white afghan.

Grandmas are like that.  They don’t care if you want a fox or an owl.  They just make what you want.  What will make you happy.  They put your name on things.  That makes every kiddo happy.20150901_171816

They use high quality wool felt not the 25 cents a sheet “felt” to make their grands ornaments.  They choose the best quality yarn, fabric, thread, beads she can find.

20150901_133154-1Here is the fascinating thing about grandmas.  They will draw a pattern and spend 2 or 3 hours hands sewing a little 3 inch Christmas ornament, just because you like foxes.

They will hand sew on mini ric rack that takes forever and she has to use a thimble because it is tough to pull the needle through, just because you like owls.

Grandmas will mark their thumbs with ink pen, 1/4″ marks, so the stitches turn out even.  20150901_171956-1

Grandmas are willing to spend money, talent, love and about 6 hours making 3 ornaments.

20150901_201419-1Grandmas are magical people.  They will do all that knowing the grand will know.

They will know the moment they open it.  They will know that grandmas’ don’t judge nor do they suggest something other.  Grandmas respect their grands choices.  They will make with their very hands exactly the thing the grand would love.

6 stupendous, magical, love filled words:

My Grandma made it for me. 20150918_111243-1

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